Interstate Error Shields

This page highlights errors involving Virginia's interstates
Last update: 12/31/11 - error involving I-64

Covington has had a handful of these I-64 shields painted inside a virginia route cutout shield.   Taken by Michael Summa.
Here is another, on VA 18 SB underneath I-64.   Taken by Mapmikey, 8/30/08.
Here is another, on US 60 at VA 154.   Taken by Mapmikey, 7/3/09.
Here is another, on VA 18 at US 60-220.   Taken by Mapmikey, 10/8/10.
At the intersection of SRs 683 and 702 near the VA 148 interchange is the only example of an interstate route represented in an SR rectangle.   Taken by Mapmikey, 4/13/07.
The error here is that Virginia is misspelled. This is on VA 177 near Radford and is still up as of July 2012 GMSV.   Taken by Michael Summa, 2003.
A cutout US 81 shield in red and blue in a hideous font. This has been replaced with a correct shield.   Taken by Michael Summa, 2003.
ok this one is not on VDOT, but an unusual shield for 95 and no shield at all for US 17. This is about a mile north of I-95.   Taken by Mapmikey, 8/31/06.
The error here is that I-195 is signed as a NOrth-South route.   Taken by Will Weaver, 1/9/08.
Norfolk Naval Base Commisary entrance at VA 337.   This is the only known interstate posted as a state route shield in Virginia. Field verified as still present in Dec 2013. Taken by Adam Froehlig, 12/20/01.

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