Secondary Route Error Shields

This page highlights errors involving Virginia's Secondary Routes
Last update: 11/1/16 -- SR 616, SR 631

This is on VA 33 EB in King and Queen `County Taken by Michael Elmore, 5/5/11.
This is in Herndon, where several VA 606 shields have been standing several years. Taken by Jimmy Storey, 7/30/05.
This is in Clintwood, just off VA 83 and has been here at least a few years. Taken by Mapmikey, 8/1/08.
This is VA 99 east in Pulaski. When they changed the 99 circle shields to the right shields, they got a little carried away. Taken by Mapmikey, 5/8/09.
On VA 122 SB approaching SR 616 in the Smith Mtn Lake area.   Taken by Mapmikey, 6/27/15.
This is on US 1-301 NB in the Walthall area. Taken by Michael Elmore, 8/18/11.
On US 29 SB approaching SR 631 in Charlottesville.   Taken by Mapmikey, 6/25/15.

VA 156 had a posted detour near Mechanicsville during some pavement rehab. A number of erroneous VA 636 and VA 643 shields were posted. In the 4th photo the double arrow is also an error. Taken by Michael Elmore, 5/17/11.
At the off-ramp from US 460 westbound in Bluefield.   Taken by HB Elkins, spring 2003.
This one had been around several years on VA 123 in McLean. In summer 2007 the 738 shield was missing (but other two shields were the same).   Taken by Mapmikey, 5/25/06.
This US 775 shield is located on I-77 northbound ramp at VA 148 and was still there in 2007 but corrected when I field-visited in Dec 2013.   Taken by Adam Froehlig, 7/23/02.
This is on SR 802 (old VA 29) near the Rappahannock River. This is not a vandalized sign - it was painted this way. Taken by Mapmikey, 6/5/10.
This was on US 1 in Woodbridge.   When Prince William Parkway was extended to US 1, four of these VA 3000 shields were erected. By 5/25/06 these were corrected. Taken by Mapmikey, 11/17/05.
Michael Summa found this error posting with the hyphen in the wrong place.
This is on F-293 at US 15 north of I-66 Haymarket. For some reason there is no F on the sign at all, suggesting this is VA 293. This sign has been removed as of spring 2009. Taken by Mapmikey, 1/15/07.

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