U.S. Route Error Shields

This page highlights errors involving Virginia's U.S. Highways
Last update: 11/1/16 errors involving US 29, US 15, US 211, US 33, US 301, US 460 ALT

This is at the US 1 jct with US 460 Business near Petersburg...a 1 digit route in a 3-digit shield.   Taken by Mapmikey, 4/24/07.

In Buchanan there are two erroneous US 11 Business postings at VA 43. There is no US 11 Business here.   Taken by Mapmikey, 1/26/06 and 3/10/07.
These US 11 and US 460 Business shields are in error. These is mainline US 11-460 continuing straight ahead.   Taken by Chris E, 7/3/05.
This is a VA 11 shield that looks to have been altered to try to make it a US 11 shield. UGLY!   Taken by Chris E, May 2006.
A square shield with a preceding zero. This is a little north of Troutdale at SR 640.   Taken by Mapmikey, 1/26/07.

In Wytheville there are at least 3 US 11 wide shields. The first one is by HB Elkins, fall 1999 and the second is by Mapmikey, 4/13/07. The second one is also on an unposted US 21.
A 3-digit shield for US 15 on a 2-digit route at the north end of VA 234.   Taken by Adam Froehlig, Fall 2008.
US 15-211 Business leaving the courthouse in Warrenton.   Taken by Mapmikey, 8/28/14.
ok this one is not on VDOT, but an unusual shield for 95 and no shield at all for US 17. This is about a mile north of I-95.   Taken by Mapmikey, 8/31/06.
This clearview sign on US 17 is pretty new. At the last moment I noticed they misspelled Fredericksburg. This was not far north of VA 134. I believe this has been corrected.   Taken by Mapmikey, 4/26/07.
Unsure how long this one has been there...I hadn't been this way in a while in Gloucester.   Taken by Mapmikey, 4/26/07.
Installed in late 2008 are these VA 17 and VA 29 shields at the US 15 Business split in Warrenton.   Taken by Mapmikey, 1/23/09.
SB just after the SR 802 (old VA 29) intersection in Warrenton.   Taken by Mapmikey, 9/3/09.
Approaching US 11 on US 19, the word 'business' is misspelled. This has been corrected.   Taken by HB Elkins.
This first photo replaced a cutout version that was a correct US shield in the Elk Creek area.   Taken by HB Elkins, February 2000.
This is on US 21 northbound just leaving US 58-221 in Independence.   Taken by Mapmikey, 4/13/07.
This was on US 21 northbound near Elk Creek.   Taken by Mapmikey, 5/25/12.

Someone was cleaning out the sign-blanks barn in Wise apparently.   Taken by Rich Carlson, 3/13/00.
This upside down stoplight sign is on US 23 Bus SB approaching VA 283 in Norton.   Taken by Mapmikey, 5/24/08.
This VA 29 shield was on US 60 near Amherst and has since been replaced.   Taken by Mapmikey, 1/26/06.
From VA 56 west approaching US 29 Business, Lovingston.   Taken by Mapmikey, 10/21/08.
US 29 south approaching I-66 Gainesville.   Taken by Mapmikey, 8/28/14.
US 29 south at I-66 Gainesville.   Taken by Mapmikey, 8/28/14.
US 29 north approaching I-66 Gainesville.   Taken by Nate Rathjen, 1/7/16.
VA 120 north approaching US 29 in Arlington.   Taken by CP Zillacus, 4/25/15.
It is hard to see with the foliage but there is a Seminole Trail sign there. The error is that this is on US 15-29 SB a little south of VA 215 New Baltimore, which is north of the Seminole Trail's end in Warrenton.   Taken by Mapmikey, 9/2/10.
This doozy was found on US 11 NB in downtown Harrisonburg. The second time a Business Interstate shield has been inappropriately used in Virginia (see VA 7).   Taken by Kevin MacNutt, 2/2/15.
This is on VA 197 east at US 33-250 in Richmond.   Taken by Mapmikey, 11/21/14.
This is located on I-64 westbound and is a fairly recent error.   Taken by Will Weaver, 11/21/07.
Here is a VA 33 error shield at VA 161 NB at Broad St.   Taken by Mapmikey, 1/7/12.
This US 48 shield is east of I-81 at VA 55-SR 848 jct, and therefore an error of location. .   Taken by Mapmikey, 10/23/08.
SR 688 east of Gore.   Taken by Mapmikey, 4/19/10.
This VA 52 shield is near Poplar Camp...unknown how long this has been there. Corrected by Nov 2008 in GMSV. .   Taken by Mapmikey, 7/16/06.
This assembly was located in Cana and I don't recall seeing these when I passed through in 2007.   Taken by Chris Curley, 5/29/00.
This VA 58 shield is in Martinsville where VA 457 changes streets at the minor league ballpark. .   Taken by Mapmikey, 9/23/06.
This VA 58 ALT shield is at the bottom of the I-81 NB ramp in Abingdon and looks to have been here a while. It was still there in May 2008 but is now replaced. .   Taken by Chris Yoder, 1/21/04.
This VA 60 shield is westbound approaching VA 5 in Williamsburg. .   Taken by Mapmikey, 3/17/07.
This black-and-white I-60 shield is eastbound at VA 168 in Ocean View. .   Taken by Mapmikey, 4/26/07.
Another I-60 shield is on US 60 EB at 1st View St in Ocean View (Norfolk).   Taken by Adam Froehlig, spring 2013.
Installed fairly recently at the US 60-220 split in Covington.   Taken by Mapmikey, 7/3/09.
Located at the bottom of the I-81 NB ramp is this error VA 211 shield.   Taken by Mapmikey, 2/1/06.
This shield was installed in spring 2008   Taken by Mapmikey, 5/23/08.
There were two new VA 211 error shields at the US 522 NB split.   Taken by Mapmikey, 10/23/08.
Here is the other. Both of these are shown as corrected in June 2011 GMSV.   Taken by Mapmikey, 10/23/08.
A recently installed VA 211 Business shield at the courthouse in Warrenton.   Taken by Mapmikey, 1/23/09.
Erroneous reassurance leaving US 15 Business.   Taken by Mapmikey, 1/23/09.

Rocky Mount replaced a bunch of correct shields with a bunch of incorrect ones. Here are five oval 220 shields.   Taken by Mapmikey, 12/8/07.
Got this one on US 17 south at US 301 Port Royal on my way to the Hampton Roads meet...   Taken by Mapmikey, 3/22/14.
The US 301 South trailblazer points the wrong way! 301 south follows VA 35 north across the I-95 overpass. This has now been corrected.   Taken by Mapmikey, 11/10/07.
In Jarratt and dates back to about 2010. Still present as of March 2013.   Taken by Michael Elmore, 4/16/11.
I'm drawing a blank where this was. It is near a newly replaced bridge between Luray and Front Royal.   Taken by Mapmikey, 6/5/10.
This was on US 15-360 southbound just leaving VA 47. This shield has already been corrected as of fall 2013.   Taken by Mapmikey, 11/10/12.
This is located at I-64, exit 297.   Taken by Mapmikey, 1/21/06.

At the US 460 Business split with VA 40 in Blackstone there were three VA 460 shields. Gone by Oct 2013.   Taken by Mapmikey, 1/30/06 and 2/15/08.
This is at the north end of VA 46 outside Blackstone. Gone by Oct 2013.   Taken by Michael Elmore, 12/22/10.
This is leaving the VA 239 junction, Portsmouth   Taken by Will Weaver, Spring 2008.
And one in the opposite direction...   Taken by Mapmikey, 3/22/14.
This is located at the US 460 ALT-VA 337-VA 337 ALT jct, Portsmouth. The ALTERNATE banner is also missing.   Taken by Mapmikey, 4/19/08.
This is on Bank St EB at N. Crater Rd. This should be US 460 Business. Then again, no US 460 routing of any banner has ever used Crater Rd this far north.   Taken by Michael Elmore, 1/31/10.
This is where US 460 ALT WB joins I-264 to use the Downtown Tunnel. Norfolk finally put up some 460 ALT postings but here it appears mainline US 460 is hooking up with I-264.   Taken by Mapmikey, spring 2011.
This is located on US 50 westbound. There is a 'TO' banner missing off this assembly, implying US 522 runs on the VA 37 freeway.   Taken by Mapmikey, 11/10/06.
A misspelling of Fredericks Hall on US 522 at SR 618 Mineral.   Taken by Mapmikey, 10/10/10.

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