VA 99 Error Shields

This page highlights errors involving Virginia Route 99
Last update: 7/31/09

The first photo shows a non-reflective 99 circle shield, which were sprinkled throughout Pulaski. Recently, Pulaski replaced these with modern circles. As far as I know there is only one correct VA 99 shield not at I-81, which is located at the transition to SR 738 north of town.
The first 5 photos of newer circles are VA 99 northbound and the last 4 photos start at the beginning of VA 99 southbound working back through Pulaski.
Even with all these I didn't get them all. In the photo with two US 11 shields, the trailblazer for VA 99 is also pointing the wrong way.   First photo taken by Chris E, May 2006; the rest were taken by Mapmikey, 3/14/08.
In two visits in 2009 that covered the length of VA 99, all but 1 of these I believe were fixed.

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