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N.C. 161 
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Photo: NC 161 posting at NC 274 (Adam Prince)
NC 161s Northern End from NC 274
N.C. 161  12 miles
The Road: Begins at NC 274 Bessemer City (Gaston County) and ends at the South Carolina State Line below Kings Mountain (Cleveland County). The route continues nearly 29 more miles as SC 161 to US 21 near Rock Hill, SC.
Towns and Attractions: Gaston Co: Bessemer City, Crowder's Mountain State Park
Cleveland Co: Kings Mountain
History: NC 161 was born in the South Carolina State Line renumbering in late 1937, replacing NC 215. It ran only from US 29-74 (current US 74 Bus) Kings Mtn down to the South Carolina Line This is the 2nd NC 161.
In 1939, NC 161 was extended northeast to NC 274 in Bessemer City, replacing US 29A-74A. No changes since

1933 Official
Before NC 161 was NC 215
1938 General Drafting
NC 161 (1937-38)
1938 Official
NC 161 (since 1939)

The original NC 161 was born in 1930 as new primary routing. Ran from NC 16 (now NC 88) Warrensville north through the villages of Bina, Brandon, Sturgills, and Helton before reaching the Virginia State Line. This NC 161 was renumbered as NC 162 in 1937. Today it is part of NC 194. At no point has Virginia ever had a primary route meet up with this NC primary routing.

1935 Gousha
NC 161 in Ashe County
1938 Gen Drafting
NC 162 replaces NC 161

Comment: NC 161 between Kings Mountain and Bessemer City are part of the original NC 20's routing through this area.

Last Update: 18 June 2007

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