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N.C. 200 
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Photo: NC 200 leaving US 601 (Chris Patriarca)
NC 200
N.C. 200  53 miles
The Road: Begins at US 601 (Cabarrus County) and ends at the South Carolina line in southwestern Union County. The road continues as SC 200 to end at US 321 Winnsboro, SC.
Towns and Attractions: Cabarrus Co: Reed Gold Mine
Stanly Co: Locust
Union Co: Monroe
History: NC 200 was born about 1930, running from US 74, NC 20-25-151 (now NC 75-84) Monroe down to South Carolina.
Between 1931-36, NC 200 was removed from SR 1135 Old Highway Rd in the Jackson area south of Monroe.
In 1936, NC 200 was extended north as new primary routing to end at NC 27 Locust. In Monroe NC 200 followed Franklin St to Church St to Winchester Ave to Morgan Hill Rd and out of town.
In 1942, NC 200 was extended north again as new routing to end at NC 151 (now US 601).
1930 Official
NC 200 Monroe to S.C.
1936 Official
NC 200 extended to Locust
1942 Gen Draft
NC 200 extended to NC 151

About 1958, NC 200 was rerouted in Monroe to use Lancaster Rd to Morrow Rd east to Hayne (NC 207) then north straight to the recently added US 74-601 bypass. NC 200 then followed the bypass east back to traditional NC 200. This replaced a bit of NC 207.
Between 1969-82, NC 200 was rerouted in Monroe again to use Charlotte Ave to N Church St to Hayne. Hayne St south of N Church became an extended NC 207.
1957 Union County
NC 200 initial Monroe route
1962 Union County
NC 200 cuts to Hayne
1982 Union County
NC 200 uses Charlotte to Church

Comment: NC 200 is a poor man's US 601 north of Monroe.

Last Update: 25 November 2009

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