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N.C. 295 
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N.C. 295  22 miles
The Road: Begins at Cliffdale Rd west of Fayetteville and ends at I-95/US 13 Eastover, all within Cumberland County.
Towns and Attractions: Cumberland Co: Fayetteville, Fort Bragg
History: NC 295 was created in June 2011 (NCDOT) and assigned to signed Future I-295 from US 401 to I-95.
In Aug 2014 (per Bob Malme), the segment between Bragg Blvd and NC 210 was opened, but was signed only as NC 24-87.
On 8/11/2016 (per Bob Malme), NC 295 was opened from US 401 west to NC 210.
On 12/2/2016, NC 295 was open from Bragg Blvd west to All American Freeway.
On 11/26/2019, NC 295 was opened from All American Freeway west to Cliffdale Rd.
On 8/19/2020 (per Sprjus4 on aaroads forum), NC 295 was opened from Cliffdale Rd to US 401 Raeford Rd.
NC 295 postings replaced the Future I-295 shields in late 2014.
Starting with the 2019 extension, new openings are with I-295 shields and NC 295 shields on older sections will be replaced soon.

Exit List:
EXIT 34: I-95, US 13
EXIT 30: SR 1714 River Rd
EXIT 28: US 401
EXIT 25: McArthur Rd
EXIT 23: NC 24-87-210 Murchison Rd
EXIT 21C: NC 24-87 Bragg Blvd
EXIT 21: SR 1007 All American Freeway
EXIT 18: Canopy Ln
EXIT 15: SR 1400 Cliffdale Rd
EXIT 12: US 401

2006 Official
I-295 open from US 401 to I-95
2006 Official
2015-16 Official
I-295 open from Bragg Blvd to NC 210
I-295 reduced to NC 295
2015-16 Official
2017-18 Official
I-295 open from All America Freeway to I-95
2017-18 Official

Comment: I think this was done to technically have this freeway as a primary highway since they couldn't yet assign it as I-295.
Information and pictures about the progress of I-295 can be found at Bob Malme's site.

Last Update: 24 November 2020

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