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N.C. 751 
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Photo: Coming Soon -- NC 751 heading south from US 70 Bus (Adam Prince)
NC 751's Northern End
N.C. 751  24 miles
The Road: Begins at US 64 east of Wilsonville (Chatham County) and ends at US 70 Business east of University (Orange County).
Towns and Attractions: Chatham Co: New Hope Game Land (B. Everett Jordan Lake perimeter)
Durham Co: Durham, Duke University
Orange Co: None
History: NC 751 was born about 1930 as new primary routing. It ran from US 70/NC 10 south to US 15/NC 75 southwest of Durham. In 1932, NC 751 was extended slightly east on Old Chapel Hill Rd to Hope Valley Rd which was then NC 55.

1930 Official
NC 751 (1930-32)
1933 General Drafting
NC 751 extended to the new NC 55

Between 1948-50, NC 751 was extended south to NC 54, replacing what had been NC 55 (which moved further east). Then in 1967 or 1968, NC 751 was extended south again to US 64 over secondary routing that had been NC 55 until a dozen years prior.

1953 Official
NC 751 extended to NC 54
1968 Official
NC 751 extended to US 64

Comment: NC 751 looks out of place on a map today, as it is a fossil from the original numbering scheme. There is an original bridge still in use on 751 just south of US 70 Bus (VERY narrow). NC 751 should be extended south to US 1, as that road is a good direct route there.

Last Update: 2 January 2006

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