Old Signs of Virginia

When I first moved to Virginia as an adult in 1991, it seems like there were numerous examples of signage from the late 60s or 70s. Then, throughought the mid 1990s, it appears a concerted effort to replace older signs with modern versions was undertaken. A pretty thorough job was done by Virginia in that endeavor. However, a few signs remain. This page highlights older signs that made it to at least 2005. Two specialized galleries of old signs that are not represented here are cutouts and old unisigns in District 2.
So as the photo to the right suggests, let's dial back the clock and get reacquainted with older styles of signage!

A restored general store in Natural Bridge Station at the old VA 14-141 junction.
Photo by Mapmikey, taken 1/26/07

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This gallery is divided into four categories:

Route Shields

General Signage

Commercial Signage

Bonus Out-of-State Signage



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