Interstate Highway 64 Construction in Hampton

These are various photos showing construction of the Coliseum Central Highway Improvement Project in Hampton.  This project involves reconstruction and widening of I-64 between the Hampton Roads Center Parkway and I-664.  The project will add a concurrent HOV lane in each direction to I-64, add auxiliary lanes between VA 134/Magruder Blvd and I-664, and reconstruct the I-64/US 258 (Mercury Blvd) interchange.  All photos were taken by the webmaster (Adam Froehlig) on April 24, 2004.

This view is on westbound I-64, just before Mercury Blvd.  The ramp to the right is a temporary off-ramp for WB I-64 to NB US 258/Mercury Blvd traffic.  Overhead, I-beams have been placed for the future flyover from NB US 258/Mercury Blvd to WB I-64.
Northbound on VA 134/Magruder Blvd, at the intersection at Gateway Blvd/Hardy Cash Dr (between I-64 and Hampton Roads Center Pkwy).  From when the Magruder Blvd overpass over I-64 was closed in early 2002 until Friday, April 23, 2004, both SB through lanes (shown here) were blocked off.  On Friday, the overpass reopened to limited traffic, and one SB through lane was reopened.

These three photos show the southbound approach to the overpass over I-64, and then the ramp split to EB I-64 and Cunningham Dr/Todds Ln (WB VA 152).  The old overpass over I-64 was 2 lanes with no shoulders.  The replacement, shown in the middle photo, has full left and right shoulders.
On the left is construction equipment where the future ramp from SB VA 134/Magruder Blvd to EB I-64 will be.  This ramp is expected to open during the Summer of 2004.  On the right is the ramp from SB VA 134/Magruder Blvd to Cunningham Dr/Todds Ln (WB VA 152).
The ramp to Cunningham Dr/Todds Ln was fitted between the sound wall and a grove of trees.  The sound wall was built to mitigate noise from I-64, due to nearby development.  Just to the right of the trees is a small pond, and on the other side of the pond is a townhouse development.

This group of ducklings and their mother was found in a drainage ditch paralleling the EB I-64 lanes, and photographed from the overhead VA 152/Cunningham Dr overpass.

This group of photos was taken from the VA 152/Cunningham Dr overpass over I-64, and are facing northwest towards the VA 134/Magruder Blvd half-interchange.  Notice the permanent barrier installed on the outside of the eastbound lanes, showing the full width of the future EB lanes in this area (3 through lanes, 1 HOV lane, 1 auxiliary lane, and full shoulders).  Some of the trucks shown were active on the Saturday these photos were taken.

This group of photos, also taken from the VA 152/Cunningham Dr overpass, are facing southeast, towards the US 258/Mercury Blvd interchange.  In the background of all six photos is the future flyover from NB US 258/Mercury Blvd to WB I-64.  The 4th and 5th photos show the future exit from EB I-64 to US 258/Mercury Blvd, currently partially open.  This ramp will access a 2nd flyover being built at the interchange, for traffic from EB I-64 to NB US 258/Mercury Blvd.

These photos were taken from the Pine Chapel Rd overpass, looking northwest towards US 258/Mercury Blvd.  Construction is underway on expanding the eastbound lanes...notice the layer of tar laid on the outside part.

These last 4 photos are also from the Pine Chapel Rd overpass, looking southeast towards the I-664 Interchange.  I-664 marks the eastern end of the widening project, where the 8 lane section on I-64 will taper back to 6 lanes.

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