TN 31
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From:  Mooresburg (Hawkins County)
To:  Sneedville (Hancock County)
Total Length:
17.5 miles
US 11W, TN 1: 0 - 0
Hancock-Hawkins Line: 7.2 - 7.2
TN 131: 1.6 - 8.8
TN 66: 8.7 - 17.5
Creation: Appeared between 1965-69 as a new state route, running essentially the way it does now. This is the 2nd TN 31.
Adjustments: In 1985, TN 31 was extended south from today's Old Highway 11W to the new US 11W routing
In 2000, TN 31 was removed from Elrod Cir above Treadway; Cantwell Valley Rd/Jamie Dr in Luther
Posting: TN 31 is posted as primary routing throughout
Secret US Route Overlay: None
Comment: TN 31 ends just across the river from TN 33.
There is an Old SR 31 north of Luther but I believe this was already bypassed by the time TN 31 was commissioned.
1971 Official
Current TN 31
1971 Official
Previous TN 31's:

TN 31 #1: An original state highway that ran from TN 1 (now Old Hwy 70) Midtown north through Wartburg and Helenwood to the Kentucky line at Isham (now part of Winfield).
In 1927, TN 31 was removed from Melton Dr and Old Burrville Rd in Sunbright
In 1928, US 27 was added to the entirety of TN 31.
Also in 1928, TN 31 was renumbered as part of TN 29. Today this is Ruritan Rd Rd below US 70; Foust Hwy to TN 29 to S. Harriman; Pansy Hill Rd to Harriman; Emory Dr/Sewanee St/Morgan Ave to US 27 Harriman; US 27; all of TN 328; US 27; Liberty Rd and TN 62 west to Wartburg; Main St through Wartburg, used Kingston St/Old Gobey Rd/abandoned routing back across modern US 27 to old US 27 at Montgomery Rd, Old US 27 (no longer crosses Emory River back to); US 27 to Sunbright except Old US 27 stubs at the railroad crossing and a small bit of Cumberland Mountain Cir; US 27 to Robbins; Tunnel Hill Rd to Old US Hwy 27 through Mountain View; Sycamore Ln (no longer crosses river); abandoned routing; Glass House Rd/Memorial Dr through Huntsville; US 27 to Oneida except Woods Hill Rd; Galloway Dr; Underpass Dr; Sand Cut Rd; US 27 to Kentucky except Tipple Rd; Poplar Ln; N. Old Hwy 27 in Winfield

1924 Official
TN 31 Kingston north to Kentucky
1924 Official
1929 Official
TN 31 renumbered as part of TN 29
1929 Official

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