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TN 429  decommissioned
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TN 429: Created in 1987 or 1988 running from US 129 near Alcoa to the Air National Guard base. The west endpoint was at Briscoe Dr and Old Mentor Rd.
In 2009, the air base moved its security gate northeast quite a distance, which truncated public access by 0.6 miles and TN 429 was decommissioned. TN 429 stopped showing up on state officials after 2009 and is not on the current Blount County map.
TN 429 was posted at both ends when it was active. You can see the former TN 429 alignment within the secured area along the newly built parallel road - Airbase Rd

Aug 2007 GMSV
TN 429 posted on what is now secured roadway. Airbase Rd was built to the left of this roadway
Aug 2007 GMSV
2004 Official
TN 429 to air base
2004 Official

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