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US 33W  A Volunteer Effort
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US 33W: Officially requested by Tennessee on Sept 18, 1933 to run from Cumberland and Harlan KY south via Pennington Gap and Jonesville VA to eventually meet up with requested US 33E in Asheville NC. This seems to be a parallel but non-coordinated effort with Kentucky which sought to have a US 33 run from Harlan KY south via Pennington Gap and Jonesville.
US 33W would've been added to the entirety of TN 70.
There is correspondence with AASHO regarding US 33W through late December 1933, then nothing further.
Note that in an August 1934 letter to AASHO, Virginia was opposed to ANY suffixed route in ANY state. So it is unlikey the US 33E-US 33W scheme would've been welcomed by Virginia.
Around this same time, Kentucky and Virginia were trying to get this same corridor designated as US 33.
1933 TN AASHO Subnission
1933 TN Submission to AASHO

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