Alternate Virginia Highway 220

Southern Terminus

Northern Terminus

At I-581/US 220 in Roanoke, VA At I-81/US 220 near Daleville, VA

Southern Terminus

This blurry shot shows a newly installed US 220-A shield on SB I-581. Until this was put up, the only 220-A shield in Roanoke was at the US 11 jct just east of this interchange.   Photo by Mapmikey, taken January 26, 2008.

From I-581/US 220 SB, this is where ALT 220 begins. Also missing from the US 460 BGS are shields for US 11 ALT and VA 116.   Photo by Mapmikey, taken March 10, 2007.

Northern Terminus

ALT VA 220 is an alternative routing to US 220 through the northern part of the Roanoke area, meeting US 460 east of Roanoke then duplexing with US 460 into Roanoke.  The guide signage here on southbound I-81 is in is a state designated route and not an ALT U.S. route.  Photo by Adam Froehlig, taken May 24, 2003.

From I-81 northbound.  Photo by Mapmikey, taken January 26, 2007.

Approaching I-81 and ALT 220's northern end from southbound US 220.   Photo by Mapmikey, taken May 27, 2006.

At the interchange itself from US 220.   Photo by Mapmikey, taken May 27, 2006.

Approaching 220A from southbound I-81.   Photo by Mapmikey, taken December 10, 2016.

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