Interstate Highway 195

Southern Terminus

Northern Terminus

VA 195 at Richmond, VA I-64, I-95 at Richmond, VA

Southern Terminus

Transitioning from VA 195 to I-195 at the Meadow St overpass. Most VDOT documents put I-195's end at the VA 146 split a little ways ahead.     Photo by Mapmikey, taken April 26, 2006.

Northern Terminus

I-95 southbound approaching I-64/195.     Photo by Mapmikey, taken April 24, 2007.

From I-95 southbound at I-195.     Photo by Mapmikey, taken April 24, 2007.

This is the beginning of I-195 after all the ramps come together.     Photo by Mapmikey, taken November 10, 2007.

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