Virginia Highway 269

Western Terminus

Eastern Terminus

At VA 42/SR 632 near Clifton Forge, VA At I-64/US 60 near Longdale Furnace, VA

Western Terminus

These three photographs denote access from I-64 to VA 269 as well as to the "northern segment" of VA 42.  The actual terminus isn't at this interchange, though.  It's about 400 yards south, where VA 42 intersects with Longdale Furnace Rd (old US 60 and now SR 632 and VA 269).  The top two photos were taken westbound on May 24, 2003.  The bottom photo was taken eastbound on May 6, 2003.  Photos by Adam Froehlig.

VA 269 west approaching I-64/US 60.   Photo by Mapmikey, taken summer 2010.

VA 269 west at I-64/US 60. VA 42 continues straight ahead.   Photo by Mapmikey, taken summer 2010.

Eastern Terminus

Westbound on I-64/US 60 with exit signage for the exit that marks VA 269's eastern terminus.  Photos by Adam Froehlig, taken May 24, 2003.

Signage for the eastbound exit.  Photos by Adam Froehlig, taken May 6, 2003.

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