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A relatively unique institution in the state of Virginia is the wayside. Waysides are picnicking areas along thoroughfares that served as early versions of rest areas along the pre-interstate days of motoring Virginia.
Waysides come in many different sizes, and could either have full facilities or none. Often, they were placed in lots created by the realignment of a highway.
Waysides date back to July 1937, when they were listed and shown on the pictorial history map shown on the reverse of Official State Maps. The list of Waysides appeared on all issues from the 1938 to 1982-83, except for the Bicentennial Issues of 1975 and 1976.
It turns out that some waysides have existed that were never listed on the reverse of Official Maps. Some appear in the 1949 Route Log and the CTB Minutes list at least a couple more.
Although no longer listed, some Waysides continue to exist, maintained for public use. The list below (arranged by route number, just like the lists were) includes a note about the current status, if I know what it is. There have been at least 74 waysides listed on the maps at some point.
Last Update (1/2/12): Wellford-Talifaero (VA 14), Blackwater (US 220), Lynchburg (US 460), Oxford Furnace (US 460)

Name: Occoquan
Location:US 1 - 15 miles south of Alexandria
Existed: 1938-1942/44
Notes: This was just north of the Occoquan River Bridge in Woodbridge. Today all that is there is a monument to the bridge.

Location:US 1 - 3 miles north of Richmond
Notes: I believe this is just south of VA 161, where I believe there is still a little unnamed pull off.

Location:US 1 - 1 mile north of Stafford CH
Notes: This wayside is completely overgrown and return to wooded median. There was a stone water fountain still visible in the late 90's on a pull off on the US 1 SB side, but that was eventually removed.
A restroom house is still present, though extremely hard to see from either direction on US 1 except in the dead of winter. It appears the main access point was SR 631 between the US 1 NB and SB alignments.
Photos:Mapmikey (7/2/08)

Name:North Anna
Location:US 1 - 10 miles north of Ashland
Notes: There are cleared ares on both sides of the North Anna River along US 1, one on the SB side north of the bridge has a monumnent.
Photos:Mapmikey (4/26/06)

Name:Little River
Location:US 1 - 6 miles north of Ashland
Notes: I do not recall any specific thing being at this location now. D. McGrann writes:
Exists now as a turnout on the southern end of the Little River bridge, on the west side of the highway. There is a stone Jefferson Davis Highway marker at the turnout, erected by the United Daughters of the Confederacy. It once sported a bronze plate about the Jefferson Davis Highway, but it's been long removed by vandals. I broke down there once some years back, so I've got an intimate knowledge of the area!

Name:Falling Creek
Location:US 1,301 - 5 miles south of Richmond
Notes: This is one of the nicer ones still around, fully identified as a wayside, in the median of the highway. The old bridge over the creek in the middle of this wayside was destroyed by the remnants of Tropical Storm Gaston in August 2004.
Photos:Mapmikey (4/24/07)

Name:Meherrin River
Location:US 1 - 7 miles north of South Hill
Notes: No longer a posted wayside, but still accessible. Nothing remains except the driveways.
Photos:Mapmikey (9/23/06; 11/10/07)

Name: Mecklenburg
Location: US 1 - 6 miles south of South Hill
Notes: Drove by here on 9/23/06...could not find this. This may have been destroyed with the recent 5-laning of US 1-58.

Name:Mary Washington
Location: US 1 ALT - 3 miles south of Falmouth
Notes: This is on US 1 Bypass at Hazel Run in the City of Fredericksburg. Today there are picnic tables and litter barrels in clearings on both sides, where roses and seafood vendors set up shop. The SB side is getting ready to be surrounded by a new subdivision. In late 2003 the land behind the SB side was totally cleared, taking away the tables/barrels on that side. The NB side remains unaffected as of March 2004.
Photos:Mapmikey (4/24/07)

Location:VA 2, US 301 - 9 miles north of Richmond
Notes: This is a fully marked wayside, a nice shady spot just south of Hanover Courthouse and even has its own route number, SR 900. A. Smith notes: It also has small brown signs underneath the advanced notice SR 900 signs. It also has the name "Hanover Wayside Rd." Behind the "pull-off" there is actually a rather big opening circled by Route 900, and if my memory serves me right, covered picnic tables. His memory does serve correctly, as this is a nice place, comparable to a county park.
Photos:Mapmikey (4/26/06; 3/17/07)

Location:VA 5 - 8 miles north Charles City CH
Notes: Froggie and I think we found this one, at the turnoff to the Berkeley Plantation along VA 5, in a wedge created with an old VA 5 alignment.
Photos:Mapmikey and Adam Froehlig (11/7/08)

Location:VA 6, US 15 - 6 miles south of Palmyra
Notes: This was in the middle of the triangle at the US 15-VA 6 split in the hamlet of Dixie. I believe there is only a picnic table left here.
Photos:Mapmikey (12/9/06; 4/23/08)

Location:VA 6 - 1/2 mile east of Georges Tavern
Notes: There are still some picnic tables and a marked contaminated spring.
Photos:Mapmikey (12/9/06)

Name: Temperance
Location: VA 6 - 10 miles west of Fork Union
Existed: 1955-84+
Notes: Although I did drive by this location earlier in 2003, I do not recall anything about
Photos:Mapmikey 4/23/08 this location. D. McGrann reports:
The "Temperance" wayside on Rt. 6 was on the banks of the Hardware River. I have very fond memories of this wayside, as I recall a great picnic and frolic there back in the 1960's when I was a kid. Probably waht made it so memorable was the same reason it no longer exists - there was a great big dropoff where the old highway bridge had been. I seem to remember almost falling off this "cliff". Not a safe place.

Mapmikey went to this location in April 2008 and found no sign a wayside had ever been there. The first pic is from the east side of the river where there is some open space still. The second pic is looking from the current bridge at the location of the earlier bridge.
A nearby landowner contacted us. The original bridge was a covered bridge that fell into disrepair in the late 1930s. Pictures of the area from the mid-1930s are located here.

Location:VA 7 - 1 mile west of VA 9
Notes: This would be on VA 7 Business today. I have twice driven by here trying to locate it but it is possible it is a victim of VA 7 Bypass's ROW. This wayside listing was the source of a map error, because for a couple maps past 1941, VA 9 in the location description was still being referred to as VA 238. Additionally, it is misspelled as Catoctic on the 1941-42 issue.

Name: Bluemont
Location: VA 7 - between Leesburg and Berryville
Existed: 1938-1956
Notes: This is located at the VA 7 crossing of the Blue Ridge at SR 601. This looks to be on an old VA 7 alignment and is now a commuter lot.

Photo:Mapmikey (1/23/09)

Name: Berryville (per '49 Route Log...Unnamed on maps)
Location: VA 7 - between Winchester and Berryville
Existed: 1938-1951
Notes: With such a generic description, I have no idea what the status is today.

Location: US 11 - 2 miles south of Harrisonburg
Existed: 1938-1942/44
Notes: Haven't been to this part of US 11 recently, cannot say if this has been absorbed by Harrisonburg's suburban reach.

Name:Cedar Creek
Location:US 11 - 1 mile north of Strasburg
Existed: 1962-1984+
Notes: This is just north of the I-66 interchange in the median of US 11, and looks to have been on both sides of Cedar Creek. No longer a posted wayside but has a couple historical markers south of Cedar Creek.
Photos:Mapmikey (2/1/06)

Name: Sam Houston
Location: US 11 - 5 miles north of Lexington
Existed: 1938-present
Notes: This is just north of the I-64/81 interchange, wedged between US 11 and a former Lee Hwy alignment. A big monument to Sam Houston (born here) is at this wayside.
Photos:Mapmikey (1/22/06, 10/21/08)

Name: Roanoke River
Location: US 11, 460 - 6 miles south of Salem
Existed: 1951-present
Notes: This wayside is still open near Dixie Caverns. Right on the banks of the river, but not much here.
Photos:Mapmikey (1/22/06; 5/8/09)

Location: US 11, 460 - 5 miles north of Christiansburg
Existed: 1951-present
Notes: This wayside is wedged between US 11-460 and SR 641, an older alignment of US 11 right at the top of the mountain climb.
Photos:Mapmikey (1/26/07)

Location: US 11, 220 - near Cloverdale
Existed: 1938-1942/44
Notes: This would be just US 11 now. It appears it was turned into a weigh station. general Roanoke suburbia.
Photos:Mapmikey (5/9/09)

Name: Draper Mtn (later changed to Pulaski 1942/44)
Location: US 11 - 2 miles south of Pulaski
Existed: 1938-present
Notes: Still around, but I believe it is really not much more than a scenic overlook on Draper Mountain, on both sides of US 11. Pictures of this wayside appeared on the reverse of several 1940's issues.
Photo:Chris E (May 2006); Mapmikey (3/14/08)

Name: Carter Memorial
Location: US 11 - 11 miles east of Wytheville
Existed: 1941-present
Notes: 11 miles east of Wytheville would place it on FR 44 near Grahams Forge. I have no idea what the status is. Thanks to Karin, I now know the status:
It is actually on Rt 11, about 3/4 mile off of I-81. It is a large wayside that would be a park in most cities. It has two big parking areas and a bold stream around three sides of the wayside. There is a picnic pavillion and rest rooms, as well as many table scattered throughout the area. It is also lit for nighttime use and does have some electricity available (outlets mounted on the light poles) The day we were there it was fairly crowded.

I finally got to drive by here in July 2006. Carter Wayside is huge and is framed by an old alignment of the Lee Hwy. When I passed by in March 2008, there was a closed sign in the median (temporary?)
I happened by again in June 2009 and it was open...
Photo:Mapmikey (7/16/06; 3/14/08; 6/5/09)

Name: Elizabeth River
Location: US 13 east of Norfolk (east branch)
Existed: 1950-1962
Notes: This would be near I-264. I believe there is a park or picnic area around this location today, but haven't been there in several years to know for sure.

Location:US 13 - 4 miles north of Accomac CH (at VA 176 jct)
Existed: 1941-1984+
Notes: This looks like it was a real rest area by the time it closed. I couldn't find a good place to park to get a little closer...
Photos:Mapmikey (4/26/07)

Location:US 13 - 0.25 miles south of Tasley
Existed: 1949 for sure
Notes: This would be on US 13 Business today; listed in '49 Route Log only. In April 2007 I could not determine in the field where this was.

Location:VA 14 - 2 miles east of Gloucester CH
Existed: 1951-present
Notes: I received an e-mail in March 2005 from Chris Petrone affirming this wayside is still up and running. I finally located this one, which appears open but is not signed anywhere. It is at the intersection of SR 623 and SR 690 (old alignment of VA 14).
This may have been "Gloucester" Wayside initially. The '49 Route Log lists Gloucester Wayside on VA 14 1.5 miles east of Gloucester CH.
Photos:Mapmikey (10/19/10)

Location:VA 14 - 4 miles east of US 17
Existed: 1949 for sure
Notes: Listed in '49 Route Log only.

Name:Cary's Creek
Location:US 15 - 1.5 miles north of Dixie
Existed: 1955-1984+
Notes: I drove by here several times. There is no discenible evidence of a wayside unless it was in the old US 15 alignment on the south side of the creek.
Photos:Mapmikey (4/23/08)

Name: Willis Mtn
Location: US 15 - 4.5 miles south of Sprouses Corner
Notes: Drove by this location a couple times 2007-08 but could not find this one.

Name:John Douglas
Location: US 19, 58A - 10 miles north of Abingdon
Notes: Nick Britton reports in December 2004 that this is still maintained as a wayside. Mapmikey made it by here in 2007. The wayside is only accessible from the SB direction.
Photos:Mapmikey (8/18/07)

Name:Holiday Lake
Location: VA 24 - Appomattox-Buckingham County Line
Notes: This wayside is unique for being one of just three waysides turned into a state park.

Name: Appomattox
Location: VA 24 - Appomattox Surrender Grounds
Notes: This straddles both sides of VA 24, and was shown in pictures on the reverse of several 1940's issues.
Photos:Mapmikey (1/21/07)

Name:John Marshall
Location:VA 28 - 1 mile east of Midland
Notes: This has been turned into a commuter lot at the Licking Run crossing
Photos:Mapmikey (11/26/08)

Name:CW Kestner
Location:US 29 - 1 mile west of Culpeper
Existed:1968/69-1970; unknown date to present
Notes: This is on US 29 Business in front of the hospital in Culpeper in a wedge formed by an older US 29 alignment. This is the only wayside I know of to not be listed on the 1983-84 map to actually exist as a posted wayside (the sign until recently replaced was extremely old looking, so possible omission error on the maps 1970 forward).
Photo:Mapmikey (11/10/05)

Location: US 29 - 7 miles north of Lovingston
Existed: 1962-1971/72; 1979-present
Notes: This is a very nice wayside located across from the US 29-VA 6-VA 6Y intersection.
There is also a historical monument to Hurricane Camille, which is famous for destroying the Mississippi coastline, but as the marker notes, did tremendous damage to this part of Virginia. Ironically, the marker was erected the same year Hurricane Agnes came through and repeated the feat.
Photos:Mapmikey (11/10/05)

Name: Pittsylvania
Location: US 29 - 2 miles south of Alta Vista
Existed: 1938-1984+
Notes: This is now US 29 Business. Still up and running. The rusty farm equipment and rusty trestle are across the highway from the wayside.
Photo:Mapmikey (7/22/06)

Name: Campbell (changed to JH Phillips 1973)(chaged to "wayside" 1974)
Location: US 29 - 5 miles south of Lynchburg
Notes: This is still a labeled wayside ("Phillips") a little south of Lynchburg's suburban reach.
Photo:Mapmikey (7/22/06)

Name: Madison
Location: US 29 - 1 mile south Culpeper County Line
Existed: 1970-1982/83
Notes: Driven by here a lot and didn't know there was once a wayside. Will have to pay more attention next time.

Name: "Wayside"
Location: US 29 - near Faulconerville in Amherst County
Existed: at least 1949
Notes:Appears only in the '49 Route Log. This would be on US 29 Business today.

Name: Spotswood
Location: US 33 - 7 miles east of Elkton
Existed: 1941-1961
Notes: This would be very close to Skyline Drive, and I believe there is a pulloff with a picnic table in that vicinity.
Photos:Mapmikey (1/17/07)

Name: Ground Squirrel
Location: US 33 - 5 miles south of Montpelier
Existed: 1941-1968/69
Notes: This is on the south side of the S. Anna River at the boat launch.
Photos:Mapmikey (4/23/08)

Name: Goshen Pass
Location: VA 39 - 16 miles west of Lexington
Existed: 1941-1984+
Notes: This may be the picture on the back cover of the 1947-49 Official Maps. I hadn't been through here in 10 years, so I don't know its status. Fortunately, A. Smith does: It still exists, and is actually a rather nice place. Although parking is very limited to just the side of the road in this area, there is plenty to offer. The location has restrooms, picnic tables, and charcoal grills. The river right there also offers an excellent swimming hole. Whenever you go by there in the summer, it is usually has a bunch of cars parked there. i finally got through here in May 2006 and took a few photos.
Photos:Mapmikey (5/27/06)

Name: Bland
Location: VA 42 - 2.5 miles east of Mechanicsburg
Existed: 1951-1962
Notes: I have looked for this one 3 times, including once with Froggie. It was probably near the SR 606 jct but it is well hidden today.

Location: VA 55 - 4 miles east of The Plains
Existed: 1952-1954/55
Notes: There might still be a pulloff here, however, I-66 could be built over where this was.

Name: Lovers Leap
Location: US 58 - west of Stuart
Existed: 1938-present
Notes: Lovers Leap is a series of scenic overlooks. Unfortunately the sun angle was bad when I drove by in 2006 and could not get a panorama pic. I returned in 2009 and had better luck with the sun.
Photo:Mapmikey (7/16/06; 2/13/09)

Name: Toe Ink
Location: US 60 - 13 miles east of Richmond
Existed: 1951-present
Notes: This wayside is wedged between the expanded median of US 60.
Photos:Mapmikey (3/17/07)

Name: Mariners Museum
Location: US 60 - Mariners Museum
Existed: 1938-1953
Notes: This is well within Newport News suburbia. The museum probably still has this area as picnic area, but I don't know for absolute sure.

Name: Robert E Lee
Location: US 60 - 2 miles east of Buckingham
Existed: 1942/44-present
Notes: This wayside is still running, near US 15 jct. It is wedged between US 60 and SR 690 (which used to be US 60) The main sign was missing in Jan 2006, but the wayside was still announced 3 miles away on US 60 EB. The '49 Route Log calls this Buckingham Wayside.
Photos:Mapmikey (1/21/06; 1/21/07)

Name: Amherst
Location: US 60 - 6 miles east of Amherst
Existed: 1938-present
Notes: This small wayside is still open on a not-well traveled part of US 60. It is elongated and stretches out on both sides of US 60. The gravel road that zig-zags back and forth could be a former VA 13 or VA 322 alignment but I do not know.
Photos:Mapmikey (1/26/06)

Name: Ben Salem
Location: US 60 - 1 mile west Buena Vista
Existed: 1961-1984+
Notes:Dan F reported in April 2004 this is a fully posted wayside still in use. I got by here in January 2006. This is fairly big and has restrooms and several picnic tables.
Photos:Mapmikey (1/26/06)

Name: Long Mtn
Location: US 60 - 18 miles west of Amherst
Existed: 1938-1984+
Notes: This wayside is fairly small and located in Oronoco. Not much left but a picnic table.
Photos:Mapmikey (1/26/06)

Name: Blue Ridge
Location: US 60 - 21 west of Amherst
Existed: 1938-1961
Notes: This is less than a half mile east of the Blue Ridge Parkway. This is no longer a posted wqayside. The only thing here is two historical markers and some nice trees.
Photos:Mapmikey (1/26/06)

Name: Humpback Bridge
Location: US 60 - 3 miles west of Covington
Existed: 1955-present
Notes: This wayside is centered around the Humpback Covered Bridge, pictured on the cover of the 1955 Official Map. I-64 runs very close behind this wayside near VA 159. Accessed via SR 600.
Photos:Mapmikey (1/26/07; 7/3/09)

Name: Bear Creek Lake
Location: US 60 - west of Cumberland Courthouse
Existed: 1945/47-1950
Notes: D. McGrann wrote that this is now Bear Creek State Park, which was created in 1962.

Name: Fries
Location: VA 94 - near Fries
Existed: 1951-1961
Notes: I located this in July 2006 on my first drive up VA 94. No longer a posted wayside, but still maintained as a roadside stop overlooking the New River just south of the town of Fries.
Photo:Mapmikey (7/16/06, 1/21/09)

Name: Dublin
Location: VA 100 - 5 miles north of Dublin
Existed: 1951-1975/77
Notes: When I drove VA 100 in 2008 I didn't notice where this one would've been.

Name: Cleburne
Location: VA 100 - 3 miles north of Dublin
Existed: 1975/77-1984+
Notes: Chris E reports:
Still exists. Not much to it. parking for perhaps six cars; two lone, unsheltered picnic tables; no trees. Close to roadway; surrounded by fields, mostly corn fields. State Historical marker "Battle of Cloyd's Mountain" - where General Jenkins was "repulsed".
This is right across from access to the Dublin Airport.
Photos:Mapmikey (3/14/08)

Name: Farley Memorial
Location: VA 100 - 4 miles south of Pearisburg
Existed: 1951-1984+
Notes: Still a working wayside on the banks of Sugar Run
Photos:Mapmikey (3/14/08)

Name: Emanuel's Hollow
Location: US 219 - near Rich Creek
Existed: 1938-1951
Notes: This was probably on today's US 460, but I haven't been by here in a while to give status.

Name: Blackwater River
Location: US 220 - 3.5 miles north of Rocky Mount
Existed: 1971/72-1984+
Notes: This is likely an early alignment of US 220 or the secondary road that preceded it. It appears to have straddled both sides of the highway.
Photos:Mapmikey (4/13/07; 1/16/10)

Name: Ridgeway
Location: US 220 - 3 miles south of Ridgeway
Existed: 1970-1984+
Notes: This has to be right at the North Carolina State Line. I haven't been there since 1996, so the status is unknown.

Name: Afton
Location: US 250 - Afton
Existed: 1951-present
Notes: This is still around, as basically a scenic overlook southward just east of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Across the street (and 40 feet up) is one of the I-64 EB Scenic Overlooks.
Photo:Mapmikey (11/10/05, 5/27/06, 10/14/06)

Name: Dahlgren
Location: US 301 at Potomac River
Existed: 1951-present
Notes: This wayside is still here, and it now house a Virginia Welcome Center. This wayside has a small beach directly on the Potomac River.
Photos:Mapmikey (2/16/07)

Name: Potts Mtn
Location: VA 311 - 12 miles north of New Castle
Existed: 1938-present
Notes: This is a scenic overlook looking westward, with a hairpin double driveway off VA 311. I wouldn't recommend heading in here right after an ice storm like I did...looked like a big drop over the edge. The last two photos are a summertime excursion.
Photo: Mapmikey, 8/30/08,

Name: Peters Mtn
Location: VA 311 - WV State Line
Existed: 1938-1942/44; 1951-1975/77
Notes: I swear I saw a sign for this when I drove 311 north to 18 in 2001, which if true, makes this the only three-time open wayside. HB Elkins sent the second photo confirming the posting. It is not specifically labeled as a wayside at its location, which is essentially a pull-off at the state line.
Photos: Mapmikey, 1/26/07 and 7/3/09; HB Elkins, June 27, 2007

Name: Potoma
Location: US 340 - at Potomac River
Existed: 1951-1984+
Notes: There is no designated wayside anymore, but US 340 along here has pullovers for canoeists.
Photo:Mapmikey (1/23/09)

Name: Goodwyn Lake
Location: US 360 - south of Burkeville
Existed: 1945/47-1950
Notes: I believe this combined with Prince Edward Lake wayside to become Twin Lakes State Park. From the west side, the state park is easier to get to. The road leading to the lake channels through some serious kudzu.
Photo: Mapmikey, 7/22/06

Name: Prince Edward Lake
Location: US 360 - south of Burkeville
Existed: 1945/47-1950
Notes: This is the only wayside that was listed as "for negroes." This implies the waysides were once a whites-only affair. I believe this with Goodwyn Lake wayside combined to become Twin Lakes State Park. The historical marker is directly on US 360 while the wayside/state park is a couple miles north.
Photo: Mapmikey, 7/15/06

Name: Chesterfield
Location: US 360 - west of today's Woodlake
Existed: 1976
Notes: D. McGrann wrote about this one, which I have not found on any VDOT map, but he remembers as being in the median of US 360. I found this one in July 2006 west of Skinquarter, quite abndoned.
Photo: Mapmikey, 7/15/06

Name: Sandy River
Location: US 460 - 2.75 miles east of Farmville
Existed: 1974-1984+
Notes: I believe I located this one. It is on US 460 Business east of Farmville near the bypass. No longer a wayside, it appears a mobile home lot was on the property more recently.
Photo: Mapmikey, 11/10/07

Name: Lynchburg
Location: US 460 West corporate limit of Lynchburg
Existed: 1938-1962
Notes: This is now US 221, and the Lynchburg city limits back then was around Lynchburg College. No longer a wayside but discernible just west of old VA 291.
Photos: Mapmikey, 12/11/09

Name: Oxford Furnace
Location: US 460 - 5 miles east of Lynchburg
Existed: 1941-1984+
Notes: Information from Matt Day - I can remember when we first moved to L'burg, there was a small pullout there, so you could read the historical marker (although I can't remember if there were any tables or anything there), but that went away in the late 90s/early 00s, when the intersection at US 460 and Oxford Furnace Road was improved. This area is down in a relatively narrow valley. I don't remember if the historical marker is still there or not.

Name: Montvale
Location: US 460 - 1 mile west of Montvale
Existed: 1970-1982/83
Notes: This would be very near the Blue Ridge Pkwy. There may be a picnic table here now, but my memory is fuzzy.

Name: Evergreen
Location: US 460 - 4 miles east of Appomattox
Existed: 1970-1984+
Notes: I believe this is now the truck inspection area at very near the jct with SR 630 (old VA 132).
Photos: Mapmikey, 11/10/07

Name: Grassy Creek
Location: US 460 - 1.5 miles west of Tazewell County Line
Existed: 1971/72-1984+
Notes: I have never been on this part of US 460.

Name: Rich Creek
Location: US 460 at Rich Creek
Existed: 1975/77-1984+
Notes: This could be a resurrection of the US 219 Wayside from the 50's, but I have no idea.

Name: "Wayside"
Location: US 460 souh of Blacksburg
Existed: At least 1949
Notes: Appears only in the '49 Route Log. This would be on US 460 Business today.

Name: Toots Creek
Location: US 501 at Toots Creek, Halifax
Existed: unknown
Notes: Appears only in May 1956 CTB Minutes
Photos: Mapmikey, 9/23/06

Name: Cyrus McCormick
Location: SR 606 near Steeles Tavern
Existed: not on VDOT maps
Notes: This is a signed wayside, owned by Virginia Tech University. This is wedged between SR 606 and an old alignment of SR 606 (SR 9xx). It was very picturesque. The second picture shows its posting on US 11 near VA 56.

Name: Woodridge
Location: SR 640 in Appomattox-Buckingham State Forest
Existed: not on VDOT maps
Notes: This is a signed wayside, apparently maintained by the State Foresty Service. I was just trying a short cut from VA 24 to US 15 when I stumbled across this on unpaved SR 640. This is near Holiday Lake State Park.
Photos: by Mapmikey (5/22/09)


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