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WV 372  not currently assigned
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WV 372: Appears on the 1993 and 2015 Control Destinations lists for the West Virginia primary system. It is described as East Lynn, Branchland (NB only), West Hamlin (SB only).
This set of control cities and the directional caveats do not make much sense, as current WV 10 runs from Branchland to West Hamlin. In order for a SB caveat to exist with WV 372, this would seem to suggest that perhaps WV 372 is envisioned to take over for WV 10 (which would be on new alignment through here, I guess). Less uncertain is the East Lynn to Branchland part, which is WV 37 East Lynn via Wayne CR 25 and CR 21, then Lincoln CR 11 to Wv 10 Branchland.

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