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WV 857  not currently assigned
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WV 857: Appears on the 1993 and 2015 Control Destinations lists for the West Virginia primary system. It was given control destinations of several routes plus Uniontown PA. This began as CR 857 from US 119 south of Morganton east replacing CR 64 Green Bag Rd east to WV 7 Sabraton, then after a brief WV 7 overlay northeast replacing CR 62 Hartman Run Rd to US 119 Easton, then after a brief US 119 overlay, east replacing CR 66 through I-68 Exit 7, then northeast replacing CR 67 then what had been WV 73 across Cheat Lake before leaving the I-68 corridor and proceeding northeast replcing CR 69 to the Pennsylvania line above McMellin, connecting to PA 857.
It is unclear if the 857 designation started out the full length or not. WVDOT refers to this in 1993 and 2015 as the East Morganton Bypass.
This is currently signed as CR 857 but in the same posting arrangement as primary routes would have (i.e. oval shields instead of small circles on LGSs). I have seen a photo of at least one erroneous WV 857 posting. Posting appears scarce east of Cheat Lake.
Given that it runs very close to WV 43 when it is not paralleling I-68 along decommissioned WV 73, I am skeptical this will ever become a real primary route.

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