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WV 954  not currently assigned
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WV 954: Appears on the 2004 and 2014 Mineral County maps as a 0.1 mile stub off WV 28 just north of WV 956.
It appears this is Orchard St which used to curl to the north like the maps show. I would like to think the 954 shield was in error but there is a Home Route 954 separate from this in Keyser. Historic Aerials give no clue what was at the end of this stub to warrant a state designation. The 2008 GMSV also has no clues.
WV 954 is not on the 2017 Mineral County map and the road has no route designation of any kind on that map or in the field.
2004 Mineral County
WV 954 near WV 28-956 junction?
2004 Mineral County

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