The Highways of North Carolina
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I-74  131 miles in four sections
The Road: Begins at the Virginia State line near Mt. Airy (Surry County) and ends at NC 41 near Lumberton (Roberson County).
Towns and Attractions: Haywood Co.: Pisgah Nat'l Forest, Clyde, Canton  
Surry Co.: Mt. Airy  
Stokes Co.: King  
Forsyth Co.: Winston-Salem  
Guilford Co.: High Point  
Randolph Co.: Randleman, Asheboro  
Montgomery Co.: Biscoe, Candor  
Richmond Co.: Ellerbe, Rockingham, Hamlet  
Scotland Co.: Laurinburg  
Robeson Co.: Maxton, Lumberton  
I would be foolish to suggest you get your detailed information about the progress of I-74 from anywhere other than Bob Malme's I-74 website. But for completeness of the NCroads Annex I present the basics here...
Some information below comes from the interstate guide.
The I-74 corridor was first created by the National Highway Designation Act of 1995. North Carolina first applied for the use of the I-74 designation in April 1996.
In Sept 1996 (NCDOT), I-74 was assigned to the newly constructed freeway between US 220 ALT near Steeds to US 220 Business near Ulah.
In Feb 2000 (NCDOT), I-74 replaced NC 752 from I-77 to US 52 in the Mt Airy area and was also assigned to I-77 north to the Virginia line.

2000 Official
unlabeled NC 752 west of Mt. Airy
2000 Official
2002 Official
I-74 replaces NC 752
2002 Official

In Nov 2000, I-74 FUTURE was signed on the US 74 freeway bypassing Rockingham and Hamlet. The 2011 official was the first to show this.
In summer 2007, I-74 was signed on the Laurinburg and Maxton bypasses, then deposted in 2009.
In Dec 2009 (NCDOT), I-74 was added to the newly completed freeway from the east end of the US 74 Maxton bypass to US 74-A near I-95, then added to existing US 74 east to NC 41.

2011 Official
I-74 on the Rockingham/Hamlet Bypass
2000 Official
2011 Official
I-74 assigned from Maxton to NC 41
2011 Official

In July 2011 (NCDOT), I-74 was approved by FHA to be assigned to the newly constructed freeway from US 220 Emery to US 220 south of Ellerbe.

1997-98 Official
I-74 appears
1997-98 Official
2008-09 Official
I-74 extended south of Ellerbe
2008-09 Official

In Oct 2012 (NCDOT), I-74 was added to the existing US 311 freeway from I-40 near Winston-Salem southeast around High Point to US 29-70, then as new freeway to SR 1928 Cedar Square Rd.
In Nov 2012, NCDOT requested that I-74 be assigned to the new freeway from SR 1928 to I-73/US 220 upon its completion. This freeway opened in June 2013 as is signed as I-74.
I-74 is under construction in segments and various stages of progress from Bryan Blvd north to the Haw River, following the NC 68 and US 220 corridors.
Two exisitng roadways are also going to be part of I-74: US 52 from the current end of I-74 south to about NC 65 and also on US 74 from NC 41 to roughly NC 211 Bolton.

Note that I-74's overlay with I-73/US 220 uses I-73 and US 220 mileage for exit numbers at this writing. I-74 will definitely be completed through North Carolina and South Carolina. Originally conceived to connect to I-74 at Cincinnati, it seems unlikely I-74 will be signed outside of the carolinas in my lifetime. Virginia's segment would presumably just follow I-77, but West Virginia would follow US 52 which is being upgraded but not to interstate standards. Kentucky has shown zero interest in what would be their section.
I-74 is slated to use the eastern part of the Winston-Salem beltway, which is nearing the beginning of some construction. If the entire eastern half comes to be, I-74 would leave US 311 north of High Point before it reaches I-40. This would get rid of some I-74 concurrency with US 311. If the beltway does not get fully built, I-74 could conceivable follow I-40 then US 52 through central Winston-Salem.
Exit List:

EXIT 6: NC 89
EXIT 8: SR 1350 Red Brush Rd
EXIT 11: US 601
EXIT 13: SR 2000 Park Dr
EXIT 55: I-40, US 311 NORTH
EXIT 56: SR 2698 Ridgewood Rd
EXIT 59: SR 2643 Union Cross Rd
EXIT 60: SR 1003 Old High Point Rd
EXIT 63: NC 66
EXIT 65 (old 25): SR 1993 Main St
EXIT 66 (old 24): SR 1818 Johnson St
EXIT 67 (old 23): NC 68
EXIT 69 (old 21): Greensboro Rd
EXIT 70 (old 20): SR 1113 Kivett Rd
EXIT 71A (old 19A): SR 1300 Green Dr
EXIT 71B (old 19B): I-85 Bus, US 29, US 70
EXIT 75: I-85
EXIT 79: SR 1928 Cedar Square Rd
EXIT 79: SR 1647 Pineview Rd
EXIT 77: SR 1504 Spero Rd
EXIT 76: Vision Dr
EXIT 75: SR 1481 Presnell St
EXIT 74: NC 42
EXIT 72: US 64, NC 49

EXIT 71: SR 1150 McDowell Rd
EXIT 68: NC 134, US 220 Bus
EXIT 65 (old 49): SR 1121 New Hope Church Rd
EXIT 61 (old 45): NC 705
EXIT 58 (old 41): SR 1354 Black Ankle Rd
EXIT 55 (old 39): US 220-A
EXIT 52: SR 1002 Sipes Rd
EXIT 49: NC 24, NC 27
EXIT 44: NC 211
EXIT 41 (old 24): US 220-A, US 220 Bus
EXIT 39 (old 22): SR 1524 Tabernacle Church Rd
EXIT 35 (old 18): SR 1321 Capel Mill Rd
EXIT 33 (old 16): NC 73
EXIT 30 (old 13): SR 1441 Haywood Parker Rd
EXIT 28 (old 11): SR 1452 Church St
EXIT 25 (old 8): US 220, US 220 Bus
EXIT 311: US 1
EXIT 316: NC 177
EXIT 319: NC 38
EXIT 320: NC 381
EXIT 321 (WB only): US 74 Bus
EXIT 194: US 74-A, US 74 Bus
EXIT 197: SR 1166 Cabinet Shop Rd
EXIT 200: NC 710
EXIT 203: SR 1155 Dew Rd
EXIT 207: SR 1164 Back Swamp Rd
EXIT 209: I-95, US 301
EXIT 210: US 74-A
EXIT 213: NC 41

Last Update: 11 November 2013

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