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N.C. 37 
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Photo: NC 37 coming to an end at NC 32 (Adam Froehlig)
NC 37
N.C. 37  59 miles
The Road: Begins at US 64 southeast of Roper (Washington County) and ends at US 13 north of Gates (Gates County).
Towns and Attractions: Washington Co.: None
Chowan Co.: None  
Perquirmans Co.: Hertford, Winfall  
Chowan Co.: None  
Gates Co.: Gatesville  
History: NC 37 was born in the late 1934 Great Renumbering, replacing NC 321 in its entirety. It ran from US 17 (just Main St now) Winfall northwest to Gatesville and north to connect with VA 53 above Gates.
1933 Official
NC 321
1936 Official
NC 37 replaces NC 321

In 1940, NC 37 was duplexed with US 17 through Hertford, then south to its current end by replacing part of NC 172
1939 Gen Draft
Original NC 172
1940 Official
NC 37 replaces NC 172

In 1952, NC 37 north was truncated a mile by the extended US 13.
In March 1987 (NCDOT), NC 37 was rerouted to run along north US 17 Business in Winfall, then south around Hertford on US 17 Bypass. US 17 Business remains posted through Hertford.
1982 Perquirmans County map
NC 37 through Hertford
2007 Perquirmans County map
NC 37 bypasses Hertford

On July 25, 2016 (news reports), NC 37 was extended south with NC 32 across the Albermarle Sound, then continued as new construction and an upgrade to part of SR 1139 Beasley Rd to end at US 64 southeast of Roper.

NC 37 is not a route anyone would drive end to end, as NC 32 cuts off 7 miles in the middle.
Note that Virginia recovered from losing its 4th VA 37 by rechristening a 5th one surrounding Winchester.

Last Update: 29 Jul 2016

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