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N.C. 56 
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Photo: NC 56 leaves Camp Butner (Jimmy Storey)
NC 56

In June 2020, NC 56 was placed on new construction between W. Lake St and the NC 50-56 intersection with US 15 in Creedmoor, leaving behind W Lake St and a brief US 15 duplex.

N.C. 56  42 miles
The Road: Begins at Central Ave and C St in Butner (Granville County) and ends at NC 58 near Castalia (Nash County).
Towns and Attractions: Granville Co.: Butner, Creedmoor  
Franklin Co.: Franklinton, Louisburg
Nash Co.: None
History: NC 56 is an original state highway. In 1922 it ran from NC 50 (now US 1-A) Franklinton east through Louisburg and Castalia, then headed south to end at NC 90 (now US 64 Business) Nashville.
In 1923, NC 56 was extended west as new routing to Wilton, then nowthwest along today's Hester Rd to end at NC 75 (now US 15) Hester.
The 1924 and 1925 Officials show NC 56 east truncated to NC 58 near Castalia, with NC 58 going to Nashville.
The 1926 and 1929 Officials shows NC 56 going to Nashville again.

1922 Auto Trails
NC 56 Franklinton to Nashville
1924 Official
NC 56 Hester to Castalia
1926 Official
NC 56 back to Nashville?

The 1929 Official shows NC 56 west truncated to US 1/NC 50 Franklinton, with no state route west to US 15.
The 1930 Official shows NC 56 east truncated to its current end, again replaced by NC 58. Also, NC 56 west is shown extended to US 15/NC 75 in Creedmoor.
1929 Official
NC 56 Franklinton to Nashville
1930 Official
NC 56 Creedmoor to Castalia

Between 1947-49, a bypass was built east of Louisburg. NC 56 was placed on it. It appears the Main St route through town has been secondary ever since.

In 1975, NC 56 west was extended to its current end in Butner as an upgrade to SR 1111.
1969 Official
SR 1111 Butner to Creedmoor
1975-76 Official
NC 56 Butner to Creedmoor

In Feb 1975 (NCDOT), NC 56 was restored through downtown Louisburg.
In 1983 or 1984, NC 56 was again placed on the bypass of Louisburg with US 401 and NC 39.
1944 Franklin County
NC 39-56-59 through Louisburg
1949 Franklin County
NC 39-56-59 bypasses Louisburg
1980 Franklin County
NC 56 back through Louisburg
1990 Franklin County
NC 56 removed from Louisburg again

NC 56 may have been truncated to today's NC 50 location for a number of years in deference to NC 13, NC 21, US 15-A and NC 50 through the years before being extended west to Butner.

Last Update: 14 February 2016

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