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N.C. 77 
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Photo: NC 77's old beginning at the S.C. Line (Doug Kerr)
NC 77
N.C. 77  dead

NC 77: An original state highway that began at NC 70 (now US 220 Business) near Randleman. NC 77 followed old US 311, then US 311 northwest to New Market. It appears that NC 77 initially used Edgar Rd through Edgar, then old Glenola Rd and Hillsville Rd through Glenola and Progress, then Archdale Rd through Archdale.
NC 77 picked up US 311 and US 311 Business through High Point, then High Point Rd through Union Cross, then duplexed with NC 60 Kernersville Rd (becoming Waughtown Rd) to end at NC 64 Old Lexington Rd.
1924 Official
NC 77 initial route

In 1925, NC 77 was extended then-NC 60/66 Main St into Winston-Salem. NC 77 left Main on Liberty St which it used out to today's Old Walkertown Rd. 77 followed this to Walkertown, then picked up Pine Hall Rd. NC 77 followed Pine Hall Rd northeast through Forsyth and Stokes Counties, becoming Lindsey Bridge Rd in Rockingham County. NC 77 entered Madison this way, then used US 311 over to US 220 Business.
NC 77 used 220 Bus through Mayodan, then continued on old US 220 through Stoneville and Price into Virginia, where the road became VA 33. Winston-Salem to Virginia was a renumbering of NC 897.
By 1926, NC 77 was using US 311 southeast of High Point.
In 1926, NC 77 was rerouted from Walkertown to Madison. It used today's US 311 and Stokesburg Rd into Walnut Cove (replaced part of NC 89), then as new primary routing, followed today's US 311 to Madison.
In 1927, US 311 was assigned to all of NC 77.

1924 Official
NC 897 northeast of W-S
1925 Official
NC 897 becomes NC 77
1926 Official
NC 77 routed through Walnut Cove

In late 1934, NC 77 was dropped from the route, with Randleman to Madison remaining US 311 while north of there became US 220.

The 2nd NC 77 was born in late 1934 as a renumbering of NC 204. It ran from US 1 Marston southwest through Hamlet into South Carolina. Through Hamlet, NC 77 used E. Franklin Rd; NC 177; Spring St; Rice St; Main St; Entwistle St; NC 177.
In 1937 or 1938, NC 77 was straightened out through Hamlet.
In 1961, NC 77 was renumbered as NC 177.

1932 Gousha
NC 204 through Hamlet
1936 Richmond County
NC 77 replaces NC 204

1938 Richmond County
NC 77 Straightened out
1965 Official
NC 177 replaces NC 77

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