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N.C. 100 
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Photo: NC 100 beginning at NC 49-54 (Mark Clifton)
NC 100
N.C. 100  12 miles
The Road: Begins at US 70 near Whitsett (Guilford County) and ends at NC 49-54 Graham (Alamance County)
Towns and Attractions: Guilford Co: Gibsonville
Alamance Co: Elon College, Burlington, Graham
History: NC 100 was born in late 1934, running generally as it does now. This is the third NC 100. Everything north of US 70 was a renumbering of NC 10-A. South of US 70 appears to be a renumbering of a primary route but its number is not certain. It could be NC 10-A (unlikely), NC 54x, 62x or 93x.
Between 1958-62, NC 100 was moved from Trollinger-Davis-Maple Sts in Burlington onto Webb and Park Sts (which was NC 87 WB).
In 2001 or 2002, NC 100 was placed on a new route to bypass Elon College, leaving behind secondary Haggard St.

The first NC 100 was born 1929 as new primary routing. It ran as a more direct route from the Whitsett area to Burlington before ending at US 70/NC 10-62 Haw River.
In 1930, NC 100 swapped routes with US 70/NC 10 to bring us NC 100 #2. This NC 100 used today's NC 100 except it went through Elon College and ran one block west of Webb St in Burlington. In 1932, NC 100 #2 became NC 10-A.

1929 Official
Original NC 100
1930 Official
NC 100 swaps with US 70/NC 10
1933 Gousha
NC 100 becomes NC 10-A
1935 Official
NC 100 comes back

1957 Alamance County
NC 100 initial route through Burlington
1962 Alamance County
NC 100 rerouted onto Webb
2002 Official
NC 100 bypasses Elon College

Comment: NC 100's early history was quite chaotic.
Today, NC 100 is strictly a local-use route.

Last Update: 4 June 2009

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