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N.C. 101 
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Photo: NC 101 ending at US 70 Havelock (Adam Froehlig)
NC 101
N.C. 101  21 miles
The Road: Begins at US 70 Havelock (Craven County) and ends at US 70 Business in Beaufort (Carteret County)
Towns and Attractions: Craven Co: Havelock, Cherry Point MCAS
Carteret Co: Beaufort
History: NC 101 was born about 1928 as a renumbering of NC 10. It ran generally the way it does now, although its western end was at SR 1737 Roosevelt Blvd in Havelock and in Beaufort the end point was at Live Oak and Ann.
By 1930, NC 101 was removed from Hardesty Loop Rd, Tuttles Grove Rd, and Russell Creek Rd in Carteret County.
In 1931, NC 101 east was truncated to its current east end, replaced by an extended US 70/NC 10.
Between 1939-44, NC 101 west was extended to the current US 70 location in Havelock, replacing a bit of US 70.

The first NC 101 was an original state highway. It ran as from NC 10 (now current NC 101) Havelock south and east to Morehead City. NC 101 used Roosevelt Blvd, US 70, Chatham St/Old US 70 through Newport, US 70, Bridges St in Morehead City. It is unclear how far east into Morehead City the route ran.
In 1928, NC 101 swapped routes with NC 10.

1926 official map
N.C. 101 goes to Morehead City
1930 official map
N.C. 101 and N.C. 10 swap

1933 official map
N.C. 101, truncated east of Beaufort

Comment: NC 101 provides the connection to NC 306 for the Neuse River Ferry.
I bet NC 101 is a good alternative to US 70 during the summer season for people tryting to reach Beaufort or the Ocracoke Ferry.

Last Update: 24 August 2018

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