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N.C. 102 
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Photo: NC 102 from NC 903 (Adam Prince)
NC 102
N.C. 102  23 miles
The Road: Begins at NC 903 near Roundtree (Pitt County) and ends at US 17 near Wilmar (Beaufort County)
Towns and Attractions: Pitt Co: Ayden
Beaufort Co: None
History: NC 102 is an original state highway. Initially, it ran from NC 10 (now US 70 Bus) Goldsboro to NC 12 (Greene St at SE 3rd St) Snow Hill.
About 1928, NC 102 was extended into Goldsboro with NC 10, then extended west as new primary routing to Newton Grove, then south to end at NC 60 (now US 421) near Beamans Crossroads.
In 1930, the piece of NC 102 from Newton Grove south to NC 60 was downgraded to a bit of NC 23 and secondary Old Goldsboro Rd (NC 23 was added to US 701's route south to Clinton at the same time).
Also in 1930, a discontinuous piece of NC 102 was created running from US 217/NC 22 (now US 301) Eastover northeast to NC 60 (now US 421) Spiveys Corner.

1924 Official
NC 102 initial route
1928 Gen Draft
NC 102 extended towards Clinton
1930 Official
NC 102 second piece

In 1931, the two pieces of NC 102 were connected.
In 1933, NC 102 was rerouted between Spiveys Corner and Newton Grove to use Warren Mill Rd north to today's NC 50-55 east to town. Initially NC 102 used Rosin Hill Rd to McLamb Crossroads then north on Old Goldsboro Rd to Newton Grove.
In 1934, NC 102 was extended east with a duplex with NC 12 (now US 13-258), then replaced an extremeley short-lived NC 126 east through Ayden to end at US 17.

1933 Gen Draft
NC 126 across Pitt County
1935 Official
NC 102 replaces NC 126

Between 1931-38, NC 102 was rerouted in Goldsboro. Initially, NC 102 followed US 117 bus to US 70 Bus. Now NC 102 cut east on Chesnut then north on Center St to go between George St and Ash St. The old direct routing became NC 102-A.
In 1941, NC 102 was placed on the current US 13 routing through Newton Grove, leaving behind some NC 55 and also Old Goldsboro Rd northeast of Newton Grove.

1931 Official
NC 102 initial Newton Grove route
1936 Official
NC 102 moved to west of Newton Grove
1941-42 Official
NC 102 on direct routing

In 1952 or 1953, NC 102 was restored to the direct George to Ash connection in Goldsboro, eliminating NC 102-A.
About 1956, US 13 was added to NC 102 from Goldsboro to Snow Hill.
About 1958, NC 102 was placed on the US 70 and US 117 expressways around Goldsboro, leaving behind SR 1579 Berkeley Blvd; US 70-A; US 117-A.

1930 Wayne County
NC 102 using George to Ash
1938 Wayne County
NC 102 cutting the corner
1953 Wayne County
NC 102 back to directly connecting
1958 Official
NC 102 bypasses Goldsboro

Between 1958-62, NC 102 was rerouted at the South River to the current US 13 routing, leaving behind a bit of Cumberland SR 1810 and Sampson SR 1600.
In 1963, NC 102 from US 301 to I-95 was downgraded to SR 1863. From I-95 to north of Snow Hill was renumbered as US 13 (which has since bypassed Snow Hill).
1960 Official
NC 102, Eastover to Goldsboro
1963 Official
US 13 extended to I-95

In 1977, NC 102 was truncated to its current western end, replaced by an expanded NC 903.
1969 Official
NC 102 Snow Hill to Ayden.
1978 Official
NC 102 truncated to NC 903.

Comment: NC 102 is now a sleepy route mostly serving southern Pitt County but was probably a main route back in its day when it was 115 miles long.

Last Update: 5 June 2009

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