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N.C. 140 
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N.C. 140  6 miles
The Road: Begins at US 17 Town Creek (Brunswick County) and ends at US 74-76 near Leland (Brunswick County).
Towns and Attractions: Brunswick Co: None
History: NC 140 was opened October 16, 2014 on a newly constructed freeway that runs from US 17 near Town Creek north to US 74-76 near Leland. This was a place holder designation until the freeway is continued northeast from US 74-76 across the cape Fear River to connect with existing I-140 at US 421.
In Jan 2015 (NCDOT), the NC 140 designation was formally applied to the rest of existing I-140 from US 421 to I-40 and to US 17 east of I-40 to the end of the freeway. NC 140 as of late 2017 was not posted anywhere other than the US 17 to US 74-76 portion.
In Dec 2017, the posted part of NC 140 was reposted as I-140 upon the opening of I-140 from US 74-76 to US 421.
2017 Brunswick County
NC 140 between US 17 and US 74-76
2017 Brunswick County
Comment: Street View managed to capture a NC 140 posting before signs were covered - link.

Last Update: 31 December 2017

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