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N.C. 197 
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Photo: NC 197 leaving I-26/US 19-23 (Jimmy Storey)
NC 197
N.C. 197  66 miles
The Road: Begins at I-26/US 19-23 Flat Creek (Buncombe County) and ends at the Tennessee line in northwestern Mitchell County. The road continues as TN 395 to Erwin, TN
Towns and Attractions: Buncombe Co: Barnardsville
Yancey Co: Pisgah Nat'l Forest, Burnsville
Mitchell Co: Red Hill
History: NC 197 is an original NC route, which started out running from NC 69 (now US 19E) Riverside to NC 19 (now NC 226-261 jct) Bakersville.
About 1929, NC 197 north was truncated to Red Hill as NC 19 was re-extended west of Bakersville.
About 1940, NC 197 south was extended by heading east with US 19E to Burnsville, then replacing NC 695 southwest to US 19-23.

1933 Official
NC 695 below Burnsville
1941-42 Official
NC 695 replaced by NC 197

About 1948, NC 197 was rerouted in Yancey County to run from Red Hill to Burnsville via Toledo. The old route to Riverside via Day Brook became SR 1336 Jacks Creek Rd and SR 1338 Green Mtn Rd.
Between 1984-87, Nc 197 north was extended by folowing NC 226 north briefly, then replaced SR 1304 toward Huntdale, SR 1321 to Poplar, then SR 1323 to Tennessee. The SR 1304 portion had been part of NC 19 and NC 26 once upon a time.
1922 Official
NC 197 initial route
1930 Official
NC 197 truncated to Red Hill
1951 Official
NC 197 shifted to Burnsville
1987 Official
NC 197 extended to Tennessee

Comment: NC 197 is still unpaved around the Buncombe-Yancey Line where it reaches about 4200 feet in elevation.
NC 197 is pretty long but not a through route for anybody, really.

Last Update: 20 January 2010

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