The Highways of North Carolina
N.C. 417 
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N.C. 417  4 miles
The Road: Begins at US 17/17 Business Wilmington and ends at NC 140, all within New Hanover County.
Towns and Attractions: New Hanover Co: None
History: NC 417 first appeared in a Star News Article quoting NCDOT as indicating that when the Military Road Cutoff Extension opened from US 17/17 Bus northeast of Wilmigton out to NC 140, it would become NC 417.
In Sept 2023, NC 417 opened to traffic.
Signage plans for the upcoming Hampstead Bypass also show NC 417 contiuing northeast from NC 140 to NC 210 then back east to US 17.
Comment: Credit for finding the 2018 article goes to aaroads user Roadsguy.
The designation of the Hampstead Bypass as NC 417 adds to the oddness of how one is supposed to traverse the US 17 corridor in Southeastern North Carolina as a through route, becuase if this holds up, the route sequence to get from Jacksonville to Brunswick County on expressway will be US 17, NC 417, NC 140, I-140, then US 17.

Last Update: 2 October 2023

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