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U.S. 270 
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U.S. 270  left on the drawing board
Formerly: US 270 appeared in initial plans for the U.S. Route System in 1925. It was shown to run from Asheville west through Canton and Waynesville, then southwest to Sylva and Dillsboro, then northwest to Whittier and Bryson City, then southwest to Andrews and Murphy before ducking south into Georgia. This happens to also be the entirety of NC 10 west of Asheville in the old days, which in 1926 was 127 miles.
The 1926 Rand McN Auto Trails scan below shows most of this routing.
1926 Auto Trails

When 1927 rolled around, US 270 was actually signed as part of US 19. Today, this is approximated by: Haywood Rd leaving Asheville; US 19-23 Bus through W. Asheville; US 19-23 to Candler; "old US 19-23" through Luther; US 19-23 to Canton; Broad St through Phillipsville to Clyde and Lake Junaluska; US 23 Business through Waynesville; "old US 19A-23 through Saunook; US 23-74 to Willits; Skyline Dr through Addie and Beta; US 23 Business through Sylva; Valley Rd through Wilmont and Whittier to near Ela; US 19 through Bryson City all the way to Valleytown; US 19 Bus through Andrews; Old State Road through Marble and Regal; US 19 Bus through Murphy; Martin Creek Road down to Bellview; US 19-129 to the Georgia State Line.

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