1951 Route Log 
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Road Data: January 1 1951, Virginia Department of Highways
Distance Data: No distances given
Notes: This is the official 1951 route log of Virginia, scanned in its entirety. The logbook contained an index, followed by a listing of all routes' descriptions, followed by a list of 34 legislatively named routes in place at that time, followed by a list of 50 legislatively named bridges in place at that time, followed by a list and description of the US routes in Virginia (including banner routes).

Thanks to Nate Rathjen who obtained this route log from the Special Collections of the UVa Library

Click on the thumbnails below to see the scanned pages of the logbook.

January 1951

US 1-VA 4

VA 5-VA 14

VA 14-US 25E

VA 26-VA 35

VA 36-VA 49

US 50-US 60

US 60-VA 76

VA 76-VA 96

VA 97-VA 117

VA 118-VA 137

VA 138-VA 156

VA 156-VA 170

VA 171-VA 187

VA 188-VA 205

VA 205Y-VA 223

VA 224-VA 244

VA 245-VA 261

VA 262-VA 288

VA 289-VA 311

VA 311-VA 332

VA 333-VA 351

VA 352-US 522

US 522; Legislative Routes pg. 1

Legislative Routes pgs. 2-3

Legislative Routes pgs. 4-5

Legislative Routes pg. 6
Legislative Bridges pg. 1

Legislative Bridges pgs. 2-3

Legislative Bridges pgs. 4-5

Legislative Bridges pg. 6, US Routes 1-11 ALT

US Routes 11 ALT-50

US Routes 50-220Y

US Routes 221-522