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US 25-E  not currently assigned
Previous US 25-E's:

US 58: 0.07 - 0.07
KY STATE LINE: 0.83 - 0.90
US 25-E #1: Appeared in late 1926 as an original US Highway. From Tennesee to Cumberland Gap US 25-E was added to all of VA 107 and from there to Kentucky was added as part of VA 10.
Around 1970 or so, US 25-E was altered at its Tennessee end. It was extended east along US 58 for 0.2 miles, then south as new construction (current SR 872 southeast of the parking area for Cumberland Gap). The new junction with US 58 was a Y-setup with the northwest jct in the middle of the parking area and the southeast jct at the point where the parking lot driveway splits. The old approach into Tennessee was nearly entirely destroyed on the Virginia side but about 150 feet of SR 872 from the Tennessee line east remains open. The abandoned section wasn't removed from the system officially until Jan 1977 (CTB).

1959 Topo
US 25-E curls down to town of Cumberland Gap, TN
Note the US 58 shield is in error near the Kentucky Line
1959 Topo
1974 Topo
US 25-E topo curls around the east of town
1974 Topo

In October 1996, US 25-E was routed through a newly constructed tunnel removing it from Virginia altogether, leaving behind more abandoned road and about 50 feet of SR 872 north of the Tennessee line. US 25-E was officially abandoned by the CTB in Nov 1998.

2013 Topo
US 25-E tunnels around Virginia
2013 Topo

Note that most references to US 25-E in Virginia - CTB and county maps just called it US 25. This 1938 photo shows Virginia posted it as just US 25 in the early days, likely a result of Virginia's strong opposition to suffixed routes in the early days of the US route system. I drove US 25E in Virginia in the middle of the night in 1988 and can't recall how it was posted.
A Nov 1998 photo gallery of some of US 25-E's route in Virginia taken after the route was abandoned in favor of the tunnel.

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