VA 296
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VA 296
Photo: This is VA 296 leaving VA 298 (Mapmikey, Oct 2007)
From:  West Point (King William County)
To:  West Point (King William County)
Total Length: 0.4 miles  
VA 30, VA 33: 0 - 0
VA 298: 0.40 - 0.40
Creation:  Appeared Oct 1935 (CTB Minutes). Ran from VA 4 (now VA 30-33)south on Kirby St to 8th St. This has been the only VA 296.
Adjustments:  In Sep 1937 (CTB), VA 296 was extended east to VA 298.
Improvements:  Paved upon inception; no multilane sections
Posting:  Very well posted until 2010 or so - no longer posted at VA 30-33 or at VA 298 but still posted in between; cutouts were up until the mid 90's at VA 30-33.
Multiplexes:  NONE
Legislative names:  NONE
Other names:  Kirby St (N-S portion); 8th St (E-W portion)
Scenic Byway:  No segments
Comments:  VA 296 and VA 298 form an odd pair. 298 runs from VA 33 down Lee St. before turning west on 5th St. and dead ending. 296 runs from VA 33 down Kirby St., then turns east 2 blocks on I believe 8th St. to end at VA 298. Neither Kirby or Lee is a main street.  Quite what is accomplished by this is a mystery.
VA 296 can no longer be accessed from Westbound VA 30-33.
VA 296 (1958)
1958 King William County

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