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From: Myrtle Beach (Horry County)
To: North Carolina State Line above Bennettsville (Marlboro County)
Nationally, I-73 will realistically run from Myrtle Beach to I-81 Roanoke VA.
Total Length: 23.5 miles open but signed as SC 22.  
US 17: 0 - 0
SC 31: 1.7 - 1.7
SC 90: 3.9 - 5.6
SC 905: 4.2 - 9.8
US 701: 10.7 - 20.5
SC 22: 3 - 23.5
Creation: I-73 was born out of the 1991 Intermodal Surface Transportation Equity Act (ISTEA) which authorized an interstate from Charleston SC to Detroit MI.
Adjustments: In 1998, the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21) truncated I-73 from Charleston to Georgetown.
South Carolina has been slowly pursuing building the portion from Myrtle Beach northward.
For a thorough history of I-73 in South Carolina up through 2007, here is a compilation by Adam Prince as part of Gribblenation.com - I-73 history.
Most of the next several years centered around studying how tolls might get I-73 built sooner (or at all).
In the 2011 timeframe, a route has been settled on and the environmental studies have been completed, with the Army Corps of Engineers granting a permit for I-73 to be built in South Carolina.
I-73 will utilize SC 22 form just east of SC 319 all the way to US 17. Then it will be new freeway construction to the west of Mullins and Latta, meeting I-95 about 3 miles northeast of SC 38. I-73 will then head between Clio and Bennettsville before heading to Hamlet NC.
SCDOT's I-73 page has more information. Some right of way has been purchased. The segment from SC 22 to I-95 does appear on project maps but is shown as unfunded. Efforts by SC Officials at all levels tried to secure some funding in 2021 but the state legislature declined to approve the money.
Design documents show the following Exits are anticipated:
SC 22
SC 917 EB
SC 917 WB
US 76
US 501
SC 34
SC 381
US 15-401
SC 79

It looks like there will be no direct exits with SC 41, US 301, SC 917 Latta, and SC 9

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