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I-74  maybe someday
Previous I-74: I-74: The National Highway Designation Act of 1995 created an approved extension of I-74 from Cincinnati southeast to the Carolinas. In South Carolina it would enter at Little River and head southwest to I-73 (current SC 22).
South Carolina's portion would use the current SC 31 freeway plus an extension of the Carolina Bays Parkway into North Carolina. This project is slowly coming forward with money being set aside from a local tax initiative.
While the freeway to be used by I-74 will definitely be built, it may not be signed as I-74 for a while, as the rest of I-74 in North Carolina from the SC line to where it would coming east from US 74 Whiteville is not on their radar right now. But it is possible once I-73 is completed between I-95 and Myrtle Beach, I-74 could be put on SC 31, or possibly an I-x73.

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