TN 69A
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From:  Camden (Benton County)
To:  Paris (Henry County)
Total Length:
27.0 miles
TN 191: 0 - 0
TN 147: 13.7 - 13.7
Henry-Benton Line: 0.8 - 14.5
TN 218: 10.5 - 25.0
US 641, TN 69: 2.0 - 27.0
Creation: Appeared in 1965 as a renumbering of part of TN 69. Originally ran from Reynoldsburg Rd well north of Camden to Paris. This is the 2nd TN 69A.
Adjustments: In 1975, TN 69A south was extended south replacing more TN 69 to US 70 Camden
In 1983, it appears TN 69A was truncated slightly to TN 191 in Camden (zero mile marker is at this location).

1956 Goshua
TN 69 running Camden-Big Sandy-Paris
1956 Goshua
1971 Official
TN 69A starts north of Camden
1971 Official
1986 Official
TN 69A extended to Camden
1986 Official

Posting: Posted as secondary routing everywhere. There is a TO 69A shield on US 641/TN 69 NB at US 70 Bus.
Secret US Route Overlay: None
Comment: Exists to serve Big Sandy.

Previous TN 69A's:

TN 69A #1: Described in official route logs from 1954 through at lesat 1962 as thus:

1954 Route Log
TN 69A in Camden
1954 Official Route Log

I have not found a map from this era to show where exactly they meant by this. The railroad depot was due south of the Natchez Trace Rd/Extension St intersection, so I believe this was a renumbering of TN 69 (moved to Dogwood/Cherokee Aves). Would've been Natchez Trace Rd, Extension St and Forrest Ave (then US 70) back to TN 69 Cherokee Ave.
I don't know when TN 69A was decommissioned but it was no later than 1975 when TN 69 was moved well west of this area onto current US 641's alignment.

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