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US 60E  A non-starter
US 60E:

US 60E:During the formation of the US route system in 1925-26, Kentucky complained that they were the only state without an x0 route (guess they hadn't heard of South Carolina). This led AASHO to try to find a different number for US 52 in West Virginia which was to run from KY at Huntington east through Charleston, Rainelle and Lewisburg to Virginia.
AASHO floated both US 60E and US 62 in a March 13, 1926 letter to Virginia. By the end of the letter, AASHO noted that Virginia didn't want suffixed routes and therefore eliminated 60E from consideration.
US 62 was carried forward (and as it turned out, already approved by AASHO on Jan 14, 1926), until Kentucky objected to US 62 and it became US 60 on Aug 11, 1926.

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