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Photo: I-295 approaching I-95/US 13 (Mapmikey)
I-295  13 miles
The Road: Begins at All American Freeway Fort Bragg (Cumberland County) and end at I-95, US 13 near Eastover (Cumberland County)
Towns and Attractions: Cumberland Co.: Fayetteville, Fort Bragg  
I-295 was approved by AASHTO in May 2005 to be assigned to the Fayetteville Beltway. This had first been proposed by NCDOT as I-195 a couple years prior.
Per Interstate, I-295 was opened from US 401 to River Rd in June 2003.
In July 2005, I-295 was opened from River Rd to I-95/US 13.
In Aug 2014 (per Bob Malme), a segment opened from Bragg Blvd to NC 210 but it is signed only as NC 24-87.
On 8/11/2016 (per Bob Malme), I-295 was opened from US 401 west to NC 210.
On 12/2/2016, I-295 was open from Bragg Blvd west to All American Freeway.
FUTURE I-295 shields were replaced by NC 295 shields in late 2014.
As of this writing, I-295 is under construction from US 401 to NC 210.
This had been identified on the 2004 and 2005 Official maps as NC 13 and was officially designated NC 295 on paper by NCDOT in June 2011.
Information and pictures about the progress of I-295 can be found at Bob Malme's site.

Exit List:
EXIT 34: I-95, US 13
EXIT 30: SR 1714 River Rd
EXIT 28: US 401
EXIT 25: McArthur Rd
EXIT 23: NC 24-87-210 Murchison Rd
EXIT 21C: NC 24-87 Bragg Blvd
EXIT 21: All American Freeway

2004 Official
I-295 freeway opened US 401 to River Rd
erroneously shown as NC 13
2004 Official
2006 Official
I-295 open from US 401 to I-95
2006 Official
2015-16 Official
I-295 open from Bragg Blvd to NC 210
I-295 reduced to NC 295
2015-16 Official
2017-18 Official
I-295 open from All-American Fwy to US 401
I-295 reduced to NC 295
2017-18 Official

Comments: The movement from I-95 NB to I-295 WB requires using a ramp with a stop sign and a left turn.

Last Update: 30 December 2016

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