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N.C. 48 
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Photo: NC 48 leaving US 301 near the Virginia border (Adam Prince)
NC 48
N.C. 48  50 miles
The Road: Begins at US 301 Business Rocky Mount (Nash County) and ends at US 301 Pleasant Hill (Randolph County)
Towns and Attractions: Nash Co.: Rocky Mount  
Halifax Co.: Roanoke Rapids
Northampton Co.: Gaston
History: NC 48 was born in late 1934 as a renumbering of NC 482. Ran from NC 43 Rocky Mount to US 158 Littleton.
In 1952, NC 48 was rerouted at Brinkleyville to head northeast as new primary routing to Roanoke Rapids, then replaced NC 47 #1 through Gaston to Pleasant Hill. The route from Brinkleyville to Littleton remained a piece of NC 561, SR 1312 "Old NC 48", and the northern few miles of NC 4.

1934 Gen Draft
NC 482 in 1934
1936 Official
NC 48 replaces NC 482
1954 Official
NC 48 rerouted in Halifax County

Between 1963-68, NC 48 was extended with NC 43 down to US 301 BUsiness.

1962 Nash County
NC 43 only downtown
1968 Nash County
NC 48 co-pilots with NC 43

The first NC 48 was an original state highway. Initially it ran from NC 40 (now part of US 158) Weldon east to Garysburg, Jackson, and Murfreesboro, before ending at NC 30 (now NC 45) Winton. NC 48 used essentially today's US 158 except used "Old Highway" leaving Garysburg; US 158 Business through Murfreesboro; NC 45 on Mulberry St in Winton.
In 1923, NC 48 was extended west along NC 40 to Roanoke Rapids, then replaced NC 50 through Littleton and Warrenton before ending at the relocated NC 50 (now US 1-158) Norlina. NC 48 used Weldon Rd, a piece of today's NC 48, US 158, Old Macon Hwy and US 158 Business through Warrenton.

1922 Auto Trails
NC 50 Norlina to Roanoke Rapids
1924 Official
NC 48 replaces NC 50

In late 1926, US 117 was assigned to NC 48 from Norlina to Murfreesboro.
In 1931, NC 48 was extended west replacing NC 57 through Henderson, Oxford and Roxboro, was new primary routing to Yanceyville, then replaced NC 65 west through Reidsville, Winston-Salem and ending at NC 80-90 (current US 64-601) Mocksville.
NC 48 used US 158 and US 158 Business routes through Henderson and Oxford to Roxboro. NC 48 used Main St in Roxboro to Leasburg Rd. NC 48 again followed US 158 over to Yanceyville, but used Main St through town. NC 48 used US 158 to Reidsville, but used Lawsonville St to Scales St to Wentworth St. NC 48 followed Wentworth St west to modern NC 65, then followed NC 65 to Stokesdale. From there, NC 48 used US 158 towards W-S. NC 48 did NOT use Old Flat Rock Rd or Old Bellews Creek Rd (NC 65 already on modern US 158 by 1930) but did use Old Greensboro Rd down to Winston-Salem. In W-S, NC 48 used 5th St all the way through, then Glade St and Hawthorne Rd (now Country Club Rd). NC 48 followed Stafford Ave and essentially today's US 158 to Mocksville.

1930 Official
NC 57 Roxboro to Henderson
1931 Official
NC 48 replaces part of NC 57

1930 Official

1930 Official
NC 65 Mocksville to W-S and Yanceyville
1931 Official

1931 Official
NC 48 replaces NC 50

In 1932, US 158 was assigned to 95% of NC 48.
In late 1934, NC 48 was dropped from the US 158 routing. The independent segment of NC 48 from Murfreesboro to Winton became part of original NC 35.

1933 Official
NC 48 solo to Winton
1935 Gousha
NC 35 replaces the solo NC 48

Today's NC 48 can serve as an alternate to I-95 if US 301 is also crowded. Although NC 48 does separate from NC 43 for a couple blocks on the south end, this multiplex is rather useless.

Last Update: 19 August 2008

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