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N.C. 94 
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Photo: NC 94 leaving US 264 (Mapmikey)
NC 94
N.C. 94  72 miles
The Road: Begins at NC 45 Swan Quarter (Hyde County) and ends at NC 32 near Edenton (Chowan County).
Towns and Attractions: Hyde Co: Swan Quarter, Lake Mattamuskeet, Fairfield
Tyrell Co: Columbia
Washington Co: Creswell
Chowan Co: Albermarle Sound
History: NC 94 was born in 1930 as new primary routing. It ran from NC 91 (now US 264) Swindell Fork around Lake Mattamuskeet to end at Fairfield.
In 1931, NC 94 was extended north as upgraded routing and some new construction to end at NC 90 (now US 64 Bus) Columbia.
In 1935, NC 94 was rerouted on its southern end to meet US 264 at Rose Bay (west of Swan Quarter). This was a replacement of the originla NC 6. The old route to US 264 became the second NC 6 (now SR 1304).
In 1942, NC 94 was rerouted at Fairfield to go directly south over a new Lake Mattamuskeet causeway to US 264 near Lake Comfort. The old routing west to US 264 became more SR 1304 plus SR 1305.
1930 Official
NC 94 appears in 1930
1931 Official
NC 94 extended to Columbia
1935 Gousha
NC 94 rerouted west to US 264
1942 Gen Draft
NC 94 rerouted over the lake

In 2001 or 2002, NC 94 was extended in both directions:
NC 94 was sent west with US 64 to NC 32, then north acrtoss the Albermarle sound, then just before NC 37, NC 94 branched west replacing SR 1114 which loops around by Cape Colony back to end at NC 32 near Edenton. The piece of NC 94 between US 64 and US 64 Bus in Columbia became a rerouted US 64 Business.

2000 Official
NC 94 ends in Columbia
2002 Official
NC 94 extended to Edenton area

NC 94 south was extended west along US 264, then replaced SR 1129 (old US 264) into Swan Quarter where it ended at NC 45.
In 2006, US 64 was removed from most of its NC 94 duplex as the new freeway over to Plymouth was completed.

2000 Official
NC 94 ends below lake
2002 Official
NC 94 extended to Swan Quarter

Comment: NC 94 between Lake Mattamuskeet and Columbia had pretty poor pavement condition when I drove this in 2008. I don't think it gets much traffic...there is nothing there.

Last Update: 28 March 2009

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