N.C. 11 Business
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N.C. 11 Business 
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N.C. 11 Business  three segments
The Road: There are 2 current NC 11 Business routes and 1 decommissioned version:

NC 11 Business #1: Served Kinston. It was created in 1960 as a renumbering of NC 11-A, running on Queen St and Vernon Ave.
NC 11 Business in Kinston made it to at least 1968. Official maps imply it lasted to 2000 but I'm 99% certain it was gone by the 1980s. I need some later Lenoir County maps.
Today the Queen St segment is part of US 70-258 Business and NC 58. Vernon Ave east of Queen is SR 1838.
1949 Lenoir County map
NC 11-A through Central Kinston
1962 Lenoir County map
NC 11-A becomes NC 11 Business
2007 Lenoir County map
NC 11 Business gone

NC 11 Business #2: Serves Aulander. Looks to have been created in 1979. The 1978-79 Official shows the route through Aulander as 100% non-primary. The northern half had once been part of NC 350 for a number of years, while the southern half had never been a primary route. NC 11 bypassed Aulander as a through route to the east in 1972.
NC 11 Business follows Main St through Aulander.

1978-79 Official Map
NC 11 bypassing Aulander, no NC 11 Bus
1979-80 Official
NC 11 Bus in Aulander

NC 11 Business #3: The second NC 11 Business was born about 2004 as Bethel was bypassed to the east by NC 11. This had been NC 11 mainline previously. NC 11 Business uses Main St. through Bethel and is 100% duplexed with US 13 Business.

2003 Official Map
NC 11 through Bethel
2004 Official
NC 11 Bus in Bethel

NC 11 Business #4?: Is there a NC 11 Business in Kenansville? Nope. Not according to the Nov. 2006 Duplin County Map. THere is a bypass of Kenansville to the east that meets NC 11 on both sides of Kenansville. However, the map shows the bypass as NC 903 and the town route as mainline NC 11. There is also no NC 903 Business.

Last Update: 3 July 2008

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