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N.C. 280 
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Photo: NC 280 from US 64-276 (Carter Buchanan)
NC 280
N.C. 280  17 miles
The Road: Begins at US 64-276 Brevard (Transylvania County) and ends at US 25-25A Arden (Buncombe County).
Towns and Attractions: Transylvania Co: None
Henderson Co: Mills River
Buncombe Co: Asheville Regional Airport
History: NC 280 was born in 1931 as new primary routing. It started out as a disconnected route: 1. NC 28-284 (current Everett Rd) Brevard northeast to the Henderson-Transylvania Line and 2. US 25-NC 69 Skyland southwest to the Henderson-Buncombe Line.
In 1932, it appears the two pieces were connected.
NC 280 used modern 280 everywhere west of NC 191 except the piece of Old Turnpike Rd that is north of 280. Old Turnpike Rd that parallels 280 to the south was already bypassed on the 1930 Henderson County map, before NC 280 was born. The one piece of Old Turnpike Rd that was 280 stopped being 280 between 1939-44 and became SR 1328.
In 1940, US 276 was added to NC 280 from Brevard to the current NC 280 ending, but NC 280 remained on the route until at least 1957, even though US 64 was removed from Everett Rd before then. The 1962 Transylvania County map shows NC 280 ending where it does today.

1931 Official
NC 280 appears in two places at once
1933 Official
NC 280 Connected

About 1991, NC 280 was rerouted at NC 191 to instead head directly east to US 25-US 25A like it does today, replacing most of Buncombe SR 3526. The Henderson County side appears to be new construction. The piece of NC 280 from NC 191 to Skyland became NC 146.

1990-91 Official
NC 280 with NC 191 duplex
1933 Official
NC 280 re-routed

NC 280 provides a fast, easy way to get from Brevard to the Asheville area. NC 280 is all 4-laned since 1997.

Last Update: 9 November 2008

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