The Highways of North Carolina
N.C. 410 
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Photo: NC 410 entering NC and finding US 701 Bus and NC 904 (Chris Curley)
NC 410
N.C. 410  43 miles
The Road: Begins at NC 87 Dublin (Bladen County) and ends at the South Carolina Line at Tabor City (Columbus County). The route continues 18 miles as SC 410 to US 701 near Bayboro, SC.
Towns and Attractions: Bladen Co:Dublin, Bladensboro
Columbus Co:Chadbourn, Tabor City
History: NC 411 was created in 1936 as new primary routing. It began at Dublin as today, but NC 87 was NC 41 and NC 87 back then. NC 410's south end was US 74-76 Chadbourn.
By 1938, NC 410 was extended south as new primary routing to US 701 a couple miles north of Tabor City.
NC 410 was extended south through Tabor City and into South Carolina in 1949, replacing what had been US 701's crossing into the Palmetto State.
1936 official map
N.C. 410, original routing
1939 official map
N.C. 410, southern extension

Comment: Although born after the Great Renumberings, NC 410 branched off NC 41. How spiffy of the state to do that.
NC 410 can be used as a short cut from Fayetteville (via NC 87) to reach Myrtle Beach (via SC 9).

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