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From:  North Carolina near Cana (Carroll County)
To:  Ft. Chiswell (Wythe County)
Total Length: 32.14 miles  
Nationally, the southern piece of I-74 runs from I-81 to NC 41 near Lumberton NC (with some gaps).
EXIT 1 - SR 620: 0.94 - 0.94
EXIT 8 - VA 148: 7.63 - 8.57
EXIT 14 - US 58, US 221: 6.28 - 14.85
EXIT 19 - SR 620: 4.18 - 19.03
EXIT 24 - VA 69: 5.03 - 24.06
Wythe-Carroll Line: 0.23 - 24.29
EXIT 32 - I-81 NB (exit 81), US 11 NB: 7.85 - 32.14
Creation: The I-74 corridor was first created by the National Highway Designation Act of 1995 as a proposed interstate extension from Cincinnati OH to South Carolina.
The proposed routing through Virginia would be an overlay with I-77.
Adjustments: In Oct 1996 (AASHTO), I-74 was formally assigned to I-77 from I-81 south to North Carolina.
Improvements:  I-74 is 4-lanes everywhere
There is a climbing lane up the long ascent that begins at Exit 1 and ends just past the Blue Ridge Pkwy overpass past Mile 7.
Posted:  Completely unposted.
Multiplexes:  None
Legislative names:  James A Williams Jr Memorial Hwy, entire route (7-20-95 predates I-74)
Other names:  None
Scenic Byway:  No segments
Comments: I-74 totally blows off US 52 at the New River Bridge.
I-74 south of I-81 is pretty crowded with truck traffic and can get bogged down over the hilly terrain.
I-74 has some scenic value on most parts of its journey.
West Virginia has not built any freeway portions of its theoretical route (along US 52) although upgrades as the King Coal Hwy are being done to expressway standards (not interstate). Kentucky has shown zero interest on I-74.
North Carolina does sign I-74 on I-77 from the Virginia border to the I-74/77 split to US 52 near Mt. Airy, NC. Additionally, I-74 sections exist from Winston-Salem to near Rockingham, plus separate pieces near Maxton, Lumberton, and Whiteville. The US 52 freeway from northern W-S to Mt. Airy will also become I-74 after some improvements.
I am curious if Virginia would sign its current portion of I-74 after it is fully finished between Mt Airy and Winston-Salem.
I am also curious if anyone at VDOT remembers that I-74 exists on I-77 in Virginia.

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