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US 9  3 strikes and you're out

There were 3 attempts to get US 9 into Virginia, though only one was floated by an official governmental entity...

US 9 #1: On July 10, 1926 the Lions Club of Farmville VA sent a letter to the Durham NC Chamber of Commerce to recruit him to support the establishment of US 9 from Montreal Canada to Jacksonville FL by way of VA 32 through Virginia. The letter indicated that getting the Virginia State Highway Commissioner on board required united action.
There is no further correspondence in the AASHO file on this but a request must have been sent by somebody (though based on other correspondence it would appear to NOT have been the Virginia Highway Department) to AASHO.
Farmville and its friends would have to settle for US 15 instead.
US 9 #2: There is a November 30, 1926 letter inthe AASHO database from the Southwestern Virginia Inc (a regional chamber of commerce) in East Radford VA requesting US 9 be routed through the Shenandoah Valley, and noting the recent opening of the Lee Highway and its importance as a tourism route. So presumably they wanted US 9 replacing all of US 211 and US 11 south of New Market.
There is a Dec 4, 1926 acknowledgement by AASHO of the letter. Typically the Executive Secretary of AASHO would tell an advocacy group to work through their respective state highway department to make ruests like this, but in this instance AASHO said it would refer the request to the Executive Board.
On January 4, 1927, AASHO replied again with the instruction to go through their highway department. There does not appear to be any further documents on this US 9 request.
US 9 #3: In a May 6, 1931 request to AASHO, the North Carolina Highway Department requested extending US 221 south to Greenwood SC plus as an aside floated the idea of also extending US 221 north to Roanoke and renumbering the whole thing as US 9 to later somehow connect to US 9 out of New York.
In a May 7, 1931 reply AASHO indicated that while they were aware of efforts to extend US 9 to the South, it was out of the question to approve renumbering US 221 as US 9.
Incidentally, NC replied on May 8 saying "don't blame me" as the numbers were just suggested to them by some unnamed entity. They had also floated renumbering US 421 as either US 44 or US 72 (read a map!).

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