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Photo: US 15 ALT in Farmville (photo by Mapcat Dec 2017)


From:  Farmville (Prince Edward County)
To:  Farmville (Prince Edward County)
Total Length:  1.1 miles  
US 15 Bus: 0 - 0
US 15 Bus, US 460 Bus: 1.1 - 1.1
Creation: Appeared about 2015 as new routing running as it does today. This is the 2nd US 15 ALT.
Adjustments: None
Improvements:  Paved at time of inception; no multilane segments
Posted:  Fully posted at both ends but GMSV from Aug 2015 show the dogleg at Oak-High-Griffin is not posted at all.
Multiplexes:  None
Legislative names:  None
Other names:  Griffin Blvd; High St; Oak St
Scenic Byway:  No segments
Comment: The Oak and High St parts of US 15 ALT were US 15 Business until the mid-1990s.
I guess the point of this is to divert some traffic from downtown Farmville. Wouldn't it make more sense to route US 15 Business this way and extend VA 45 south down Main St to Griffin Blvd?
Previous US 15 ALT's: US 15 ALT #1: Appeared in August 1936 (CTB) as a renumbering of mainline US 15 through Warrenton. At that time, US 15 had exited Warrenton to the north along Winchester Ave. US 15 ALT ended at Roeblng St (old US 15) just north of where US 17 Business leaves US 29 Bus-US 211 today. The south end is where US 15 Business splits from US 17 Bus-29 Bus.
In March 1953 (CTB), US 15 ALT was removed from Winchester Ave and instead sent with US 211 ALT east out Alexandria Pike to meet the rerouted mainline US 15 in the vicinity of where the eastern Warrenton Bypass ends today. Winchester Ave became SR 690 (now unnumbered).
in Nov 1974 (AASHO), US 15 ALT was renumbered as US 15 Business.
1936 Fauquier County
US 15 ALT initial routing
1936 Fauquier County
1958 Fauquier County
US 15 ALT moved to the northeast
1958 Fauquier County

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