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VA 328
Photo: Looking back towards VA 6...this is essentially the entirety of the publicly accessible route (photo by Mapmikey, December 2006)
From: Goochland (Goochland County)
To: Virginia Correctional Center for Women, Goochland (Goochland County)
Total Length: 1.73 miles  

Creation: I know of no other modern VA 329, and the prison looks old enough to have been around in 1938 when this number would've been assigned.
Adjustments: In Nov 1955 (CTB), 0.047 miles of a new road connecting the two entrances to the prison and parallel to VA 6 were added to VA 329.
In March 1958 (CTB), three more segments totaling 0.316 miles were added to VA 329.
Posting: No VA 329 signs of any kind, but VA 6 is identified at the intersection.
Comment: The publicly drivable (0.25 mile) portion of VA 329 that is not within barbed wire gates is very small.

VA 329 (1946 Goochland County)
Original VA 329 routing
1946 Goochland County
VA 329 (2017 Goochland County)
VA 329 expanded out
2017 Goochland County

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