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VA 328
Photo: A piece of VA 328 at Longwood College (photo by Mapmikey, December 2006)
Longwood College, Farmville (Prince Edward County)
Total Length: 0.26 mile

Creation: The Virginia Teachers College in Farmville was considered for state mileage in 1932, but nobody came to request it; It appears that VA 328 was born in Oct 1958 (CTB), when the following streets were added to the state highway system at Longwood College: Chambers St from Pine St to Spruce St (0.064 mi); Spruce St from Chambers north (0.026 mi); Spruce St from Chambers St south to power plant (0.042 mi); Tabb Hall Circle from Chambers/Spruce northeast (0.033 mi). This totaled 0.165 miles of VA 328. This is the 2nd VA 328.
Adjustments:In Oct 1964 (CTB), 0.085 miles of unspecified road was added to VA 328 and 0.04 miles of unspecified road were deleted. This was a net gain of 0.045 miles to VA 328.
Posting: I drove this in December 2006 and saw no 328 postings.
Comments: Longwood College is right in downtown Farmville. It appeared during my visit that some roads on campus were removed. VA 328 does not appear on official maps.
VA 328 (1995 Prince Edward County)
1995 Prince Edward County
Previous VA 328's:

VA 168: 0 - 0
END VA 328: 0.5 - 0.5

VA 328 #1: Briefly existed as the number for the Virginia Colored School for the Blind/Deaf in Newport News. It is mentioned in the CTB minutes and was decommissioned in May 1939.
However, it was still shown explicitly in the 1943 and 1946 VDOT County Atlases. The location for this institution was below the Shell Rd/Aberdeen Rd intersection at the time (then VA 168-SR 611).
VA 328 (1946 York County)
1946 York County

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