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Western State Hospital, City of Staunton
Total Length: 1.3 miles  

Creation: The Western State Hospital and Western State Sanitorium off today's US 11-250 Staunton received 1.2 miles of state mileage in 1932 but did not receive a number until around 1938. This is the 2nd VA 333.
Adjustments: By 1975 (aerials show the road existed by 1963), a separate piece of VA 333 was in place running from SR 644 around to US 250 near I-81 which is where the State Hospital relocated (hosptal started using this property about 1950). The original hospital by US 11-250 became the Staunton Correction Center.
Between 1978-82, it appears the modern road to the Frontier Culture Museum existed and VA 333 on its eastern end was moved to that. The old road actually paralleled US 250 nearly to the RR bridge before horseshoeing around to the hospital property.
In 1996, the facility at US 250 and I-81 was abandoned and is now closed off behind what is now a traffic circle on current VA 333 and gated off on the SR 644 end. Today the on-line interactive VDOT map shows the entire driveway to the museum as VA 333 and also on Augusta Woods Dr which ducks under I-81 (this road was posted as SR 1426 from the Frontier Drive well into the 2010s) exits the City of Staunton and now turns into SR 1426 about a half mile from Frontier Dr before state maintenance ends at the turnaround where the Augusta Woods Manufactured Home Park begins.
In 2003, the Staunton Correctional Center was closed and a piece of the property has become condominiums and for some unknown reason, renumbered as VA 317. The property not part of the condos is not driveable.
Posting: White rectangle on Augusta Woods Dr at Frontier Dr appeared in the late 2010s.
Comment: The Staunton Correctional Facility is a very picturesque facility at the intersection of US 11-250.
The relocated Western State Hospital Facility ended up being named for one of the most prolific practicers of eugenics in American history prior to its abandonment.
VA 333 does not appear on official maps.

VA 333 (1946 Augusta County)
VA 333 original segment
1946 Augusta County
VA 333 (1975 Augusta County)
VA 333 eastern segment
1975 Augusta County
2017 Augusta County
VA 333 all the way to the museum
VA 333 also clearly shown on Augusta Woods Dr crossing under I-81
2017 Augusta County

Previous VA 333's:

US 11, VA 17 EB, VA 33: 0 - 0
VA 17 WB: 0.25 - 0.25
END VA 333: 11.25 - 11.5

VA 333 #1: Created March 1924 as an upgrade to CR 4. Ran from VA 17-33 (curr US 11-33 jct) at the Courthouse Square in Harrisonburg west 5 miles.
In January 1925 VA 333 was extended west 5 more miles.
In May 1926 it was extended another 1.5 mile to Rawley Springs.
VA 333 was renumbered as VA 814 in August 1928. Today it is part of US 33.

VA 333 (1926 Official)
VA 333 Harrisonburg towards Rawley Springs
1926 Official
VA 333 (1927 Official)
VA 333 extended to Rawley Springs
1927 Official
1929 Official
VA 814 replaces VA 333
1929 Official

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